Why Should I Buy a Sauna from Rocky Mountain Saunas?

With your Rocky Mountain Sauna You Receive:

  • 100% Green Product
  • Factory Direct Pricing  *  RMS designs, manufactures and ships your far infrared sauna
  • Flat Rate shipping in the Contiguous USA
  • Safest and best quality sauna anywhere, at any price
  • Grade One, center cut lumber with virtually no knots 
  • Thickest walls in the infrared sauna industry with Tek-Sun-Warmwall™ Insulation Technology
  • Japanese manufactured Nano-Carbon™ heater panels
  • Handcrafted workmanship: Thick double wall construction, crown molding & bronze tinted tempered glass doors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all materials, labor and electrical components of your residential sauna
  • Family owned and operated since 2010 for streamlined efficiency and superior customer service
  • More standard features on ALL our sauna models.
  • #1 Sauna Industry Safety Rating:  ISO 9001, ETL, CE, RoHS Internationally Safety Certified. Safety information

Buy an Infrared Sauna from the Industry Leaders

We custom design all of our sauna models and ensure each sauna is manufactured to our exact specifications. We offer the safest sauna available anywhere with Ultra-Low EMF Far Infrared carbon panel heat emitters. Our Nano-Carbon™ infrared heating panels are 97% efficient in producing the exact bandwidth of far infrared light/ heat that precisely matches the bio-frequency of the human body, which means maximum infrared energy absorption delivering more results in less time.

Rocky Mountain Saunas builds the best quality far infrared sauna available in the USA, Bar None, At Any Price!! We offer more standard features, largest square footage of infrared heater panel coverage, the thickest interior/ exterior walls, most comfortable backrest design, the easiest and strongest assembly system, best quality woods, best product packaging and an Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers against manufacturing defects on all components, parts, labor and shipping costs as long as you own your sauna.

We are proud to be family owned and operated. Through our personal family service we strive to ensure that your sauna buying experience is as easy and comfortable as possible. From researching your purchase through delivery of your sauna, your satisfaction is our bottom line.

Our infrared saunas are designed and built to last you a lifetime

With its sturdy, superior cabin construction and high efficiency, durable infrared panel emitters, your sauna will continue to be ‘State of the Art’ for decades to come.



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Rocky Mountain Saunas has been an Innovator, Creator and Pioneer in the FIR Sauna Industry since We first began business in March 2010.

Rocky Mountain Saunas (RMS) has been First to Market with many exclusive standard features and exclusive upgrade features and products, in design, manufacture and company policy.

  1. Lifetime Warranty (2010).  RMS was the first FIR sauna company to offer a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials on all their saunas.
  1. Custom Made Seat Cushions (2011) RMS was the first company to offer custom manufactured Seat Cushions in a variety of material colors. To my knowledge, we are STILL the only sauna company to offer Custom Seat Cushions.
  1. RMS (2010) was the first company to advertise and market “360 degree Carbon Wave” infrared panels. This was a description of the fact that we had large carbon based infrared panels on All the walls of our saunas, including floor and lower leg panels.  This marketing concept is copied and imitated, even today. 
  1. Low EMF. (2010) RMS provided Low EMF infrared heater panels in all our sauna models from the time we began business in 2010.  Our Infrared Heater Panels were in compliance with the International Standard for infrared sauna EMF ratings, not to exceed 40 milliGauss.
  1. Zero Rated EMF Infrared Heater (2014) Beginning in the fall of 2014, RMS brought the first Zero Rated EMF infrared heater panels to the market.  Our Zero Rated EMF Heater Panels  also had 95%+ High Efficiency Infrared Output, as opposed to some competitors, who had lower infrared emissions, within the desired far infrared bandwidth of 7-15 microns.
  1. First True Commercial Sauna.(2015) Beginning with a failed prototype by Purity Saunas, RMS refined the design and manufacturing requirements and developed the first successful infrared saunas built exclusively for High Traffic Commercial Use. 

    Rocky Mountain Saunas commercial saunas were built to facilitate Bikram Yoga/Hot Yoga, with removable bench seats and a large sauna floor covered entirely by infrared heater panels. 

    The Rocky Mountain Saunas Flo-Thru Bench Seats and extra-large infrared carbon panels that extend behind and below the bench seat were designed to deliver more infrared light to problem areas of fat collection, specifically, the buttocks area and backs of thighs.

    The Rocky Mountain Saunas commercial series features almost 6 feet of Interior Ceiling Height, so that the average height person can stand fully erect in the sauna: designed for slow stretching movements / yoga exercise.

  1. Nano-Carbon™ Infrared Panels. (2015) RMS was the first FIR sauna company to use the Nano-Carbon™ Infrared Panels in all our sauna models. Nano-Carbon™ describe the process by which our panels are manufactured and the use of non-metallic oxides that are infused into the carbon layer of our panels.  This term, “Nan0-Carbon™/ Carbon-Nano, etc.” has been copied extensively throughout the FIR Sauna industry by many companies who do not actually have or use this technology in their products.
  1. Removable Floor Grate (2016). RMS was among the very first companies to offer this feature as a standard feature for additional foot comfort and easier cleaning.  
  1. Bronze Tinted Glass Doors/Windows (2015). RMS was among the first companies in our industry to offer this feature as standard equipment in all our Residential and Commercial Models.
  1. Privacy Wrap Doors/Windows (2015). RMS was the very first FIR Sauna Company to offer this exclusive upgrade. I believe that RMS remains the only company to offer this popular upgrade option
  1. Reinforced Floors and Bench Seats (2015). Implemented by the RMS design team in all our saunas in order to have a more sturdy and durable product to withstand weight of up to 300 pounds floor capacity.
  1. Shut-Off Sensors (2010). All our saunas have been equipped with Safety Shut-Off sensors on the back of Each and Every infrared heater panel, since we began business operations in 2010.
  1. Tek-Sun-Warmwall™. (2016). RMS began the installation of special insulation material behind the wall heater panels of All of our Residential and Commercial Models.  Tek-Sun-Warmwall™ is an RMS Exclusive FeatureFaster Warm-Up Time and Improved Heat Retention inside the sauna cabin.
  1. Triple Shielded 120v/220v Wiring (2015). Implemented as a Standard Feature buy RMS to provide additional EMF safety. Triple Shielded Wiring is a Rocky Mountain Saunas Exclusive Feature.
  1. Dual Reading Lights (2015). One of the very first FIR Sauna companies to offer Dual Reading Lights as a Standard Feature in ALL of our Residential and Commercial Sauna.           
  1. Large Nickel Plated Door Handle (2016). When we upgraded the old wooden handle, RMS was one of the first companies in the sauna industry to offer this handsome design feature as Standard Equipment.  Widely copied by many manufacturers today.
  1. First Comprehensive Buying Guide (2010). Saunas10MistakestoAvoid.com  is probably the most widely read Buyer’s Guide for Infrared Saunas in the World. Extremely Popular from its inception in 2010, it remains an integral part of the reason that infrared sauna buyers are attracted to a premium quality product instead of the less expensive and lower quality versions. Our Organic Website Ranking by Google and Bing reflects the popularity of this website on a global basis. Widely copied but never duplicated in success or market penetration.
  1. Thirty Hour Programmable Timer (2015). When RMS transferred this Standard Feature from our Commercial Models to include the 30 Hour Timer as a Standard Feature in all of our Residential Models, it was another infrared sauna industry first, to the best of my knowledge. Several of our competitors now offer this feature.
  1. Vertical Backrests (2010). RMS has had this First to Market feature since we opened our doors for business. Since inception, RMS has modified the size and spacing of the vertical dowels to provide more efficient FIR emissions and added comfort. Several manufacturers now show vertical backrests as being available, but they are all too narrowly spaced. Simply put, Vertical Backrests are more comfortable, safer and provide a better support system for the human back and spinal column than other less efficient backrest designs.
  2. BBB A+ Rated Accredited BusinessBetter Business Bureau A+ Accredited Member. RMS has an unblemished record, with no customer complaints for almost 9 years now. Although we may not mention it that much, this accomplishment is a testament to the fact that Everyone at RMS has done an exemplary job of handling challenging situations from clients in a professional, polite and patient manner. No other competitor comes close to this achievement.