Infrared Sauna Kits Optional Upgrades




All our Sauna Woods are Grade One/ Bay Clear Heartwood. Herbally cured, slow dried lumber. Non-Toxic/ Non-Outgassing.

Canada’s cold climate makes the wood grow at a much slower rate which makes it much stronger, more durable and corrosion resistant. Canadian Red Cedar and Hemlock are the best woods to use for manufacturing saunas. The wood used for manufacturing our saunas is hundreds of years old.

The Thickest Walls in the Sauna Industry. (8mm) Hand Sanded to a Smooth Luster Finish. Double Wall Construction. Tongue & Groove. Vertical Grain for Added Strength. Built to Last A Lifetime.

STANDARD: Pacific Coast Hemlock. A Durable, Blonde Colored, Straight Grained Wood that compliments a light/medium oak decor.

OPTIONAL: Western Red Cedar. Medium Rouge base color with Cherry grain highlights. One of the charms of Western Red Cedar is the many shades of color it can come in.  A Favorite of Sauna Owners for Years. Required for Outdoor locations or on a Back Porch/ Patio. Mild cedar aroma interior.      

Western Red Cedar is harvested from British Columbia found on the Pacific coast as far north as Alaska and in the valleys of the interior wet belt. One of the largest trees of the Pacific region that grows only in scattered patches.



Custom One-Way Privacy Door Wraps start at $599.00.  All prices include installation (please allow 1-2 to weeks for wrap application)

ALL Privacy Wraps are applied to your new sauna before it ships so it arrives to you with a custom image ready to enjoy!

To See more examples of Custom Privacy Door Wraps & photo selection  CLICK HERE.  Select from any of our fantastic photos to tailor-make your sauna!

Sales of all Custom One-Way Privacy Wraps are final at the time of purchase and are non-refundable.

SUNBRELLA™ COVER: Custom Made SUNBRELLA™ Canvas Covers.

Durango Sauna Outdoors with Custom Canvas Cover

Constructed of Rugged, Weather Proof, Marine Grade Canvas with Large, Heavy Duty Zipper.

Roll Up Front Panel has 3 Sturdy Tie Straps & Power Cord Slot.

1 Year Warranty. Your Sauna Stays Safe and Dry in the Worst Weather.

Available in: Mojave Sand, Black and Sherwood Green. Additional Colors and Pricing Available upon request.

Sales of all Sunbrella™ Covers are final at the time of purchase and are non-refundable.

Thermal Sauna Cover

For outdoor use in cold climates. Custom Thermal Sauna Covers offer:

  • Infrared Shielding
  • Thermal Management - Aids in Retaining Heat
  • Prevents growth of fungi or bacteria
  • Flame Resistant class B A B A stm E 84-94
  • Non-Toxic/ Non-Carcinogenic/ Non-Outgassing
  • Puncture and Tear Resistant


Sales of all Thermal Covers are final at the time of purchase and are non-refundable.

Note: Thermal cover must be protected by our standard, weather-proof, Sunbrella cover for outdoor use.


Disclaimer: Failure to utilize the .004 plastic sheet supplied as additional water protection for your sauna will void your warranty. The fabric used for the roof of the waterproof cover is resistant to water penetration, however it is sewn to the acrylic canvas sides. It is required to place the plastic sheet included directly over the sauna roof prior to installing the cover and an object must be placed on the sauna roof to give the fabric elevation for water run off as further protection.

Interior Sunbrella™ Fabric Cushions

4″ Thick Foam, Sunbrella™ Fabric Cushions, Heavy Duty Zipper for EZ removal.


 Sales of all Sunbrella™ Fabric Cushions are final at the time of purchase and are non-refundable.