Infrared Sauna Testimonials & Reviews

5 Star Testimonials

At Rocky Mountain Saunas, the success of our business is directly linked to the satisfaction of our clients and we place the utmost importance on their far infrared sauna testimonials.

As a family company with a solid track record, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our mission statement. We work hard to provide the highest level of personalized customer service, while helping our clients to feel better and look younger as they take a proactive stance with the ultimate personal health upgrade.*

Achieving optimal health and wellness can be difficult with all the toxins and pollutants in our air, food and tap water. Our commercial and home infrared saunas work to detoxify the body while encouraging optimal wellness. From infrared pain relief to sauna weight loss to skin rejuvenation*, regular use will pay dividends. On a deeper level, infrared saunas can improve heart health by working to repair damaged arteries and veins and reduce arterial plaque buildup.*

This is simply an introduction to the numerous sauna health benefits. However, the best evidence of the rewarding benefits are the authentic far infrared sauna testimonials provided by our customers.

Other clients express their satisfaction with our service from the very beginning. From the honest information provided and the speed of shipping to the ease of assembly and the quality of the product. We are grateful for your business and want you to have all the information you need, prior to placing your order.

We hope you enjoy the far infrared sauna testimonials below and we look forward to providing you with the same wonderful experience and product.

Far Infrared Sauna Testimonials & Reviews

All testimonials below are from actual Rocky Mountain Saunas’ clients describing their experience with our products & company.

*Results claimed in the following testimonials are based on individual experience. As such, these results are unique and are not guaranteed for all users. For best results, use an infrared sauna in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and regular physician supervision.

April 2024

A Gem of a Sauna and a gem of a company.

My two sons assembled and I was using it in an hour and a half.  have had no problems.  I use it every day for a thirty minute sweat.  Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Gerald K.
Plainfield, IL

March 2024

Great Craftsmanship & Engineering!

The delivery and packaging were great. Instructions very clear. The wood quality and fit and finish are top quality. Assembly is extremely easy. Everything works exactly as promised. And best of all... it is so relaxing to step into this sauna. What a wonderful experience. If I could have given it 6 stars I would have done so. Highly recommend!

Bob C.
Parker, CO


March 2024

Exceptional Experience!

I recently purchased the Durango model from Rocky Mountain Saunas. I talked to Tony at length on the phone about the unit - about how it worked, how it shipped, and how to install. The delivery, installation and use was as discussed. I’m very happy with Rocky Mountain Saunas and highly recommend them for anyone looking to add an infrared sauna to their home.

Pete B.
New Braunfels, TX

March 2024

Great quality, easy installation, perfect engineering on how it goes together.

Bob C
Parker, CO

** Bob did a custom installation in his wine cellar **

March 2024

Love the Rio Grande!  The experience was excellent.  Everything from ordering, to delivery, to assembly was super easy.  I have already used the sauna about 10 times and I love it!

John R.
West Bend, WI

March 2024

I loved my experience purchasing the sauna and we have used it multiple times a week since we received it. Easy to assemble. My favorite thing is how quickly it heats up.

Naomi M.
Bozeman, MT

February 2024

Really enjoy using my Rocky Mountain Sauna. Very relaxing and it works up a good sweat!

Duane S.
Westville, OK

December 2023

So far I am liking everything about the Model. Highly recommended.

Tyler D.
Mosinee WI

September 2023

Hi Mike,

I want to thank you so much for selling such a terrific sauna. It has changed my life.

30 minutes at 135 - makes me a new person. Wonderful. Best $ I've spent in years.



Pat R.
Wilmington, NC

September 2023

Living in Florida, we have the incident of mold particularly in the rainy season. I was diagnosed with mold disease and went through two courses of antibiotics to no effect other than my intestinal system was completely disrupted.

It came to me that I should try the sauna when I had difficulty breathing again. Results were beyond amazing in two days.

Danne V.
Punta Gorda, FL

August 2023

Great Unit!!!

Everything about this unit is simple and efficient from installation to daily use. A very well engineered sauna and designed for any level of use.

Jill K
Baraboo, WI

August 2023

The Perfect Addition To Our Center!

We purchased this unit to have at our wellness center and we could not be happier!

The installation was very easy to understand and was completed within just a couple hours. We have already greatly enjoyed using this for ourselves and look forward to offering sauna sessions to our clients soon.

The customer support from Rocky Mountain Saunas has also been amazing!

If you're looking to purchase a sauna for home or business use, this is the place to buy!!!

Emily M.
Frisco, TX

August 2023

This is a well made quality product that assembles with little difficulty. Great instructions are included and on line videos are good supplements.

Mike, the owner returned my call and was just a delight to talk with and we covered many subjects besides infra red saunas. Within three weeks the first result was sleeping through the night instead of hours spent tossing and turning looking for a comfortable position.

Secondly has been a noticeable improvement in muscle and joint pain, presumably from arthritis.

Thirdly has been a significant increase in energy. No more naps or falling asleep standing up.

I surely believe in the infra red sauna and in trying one out before purchasing, the health club owner strongly urged a model from Rocky Mountain. She was correct.

Greg Z.
Cadillac, MI

July 2023

We bought it for the timer feature but haven’t used it since the first two days as the sauna heats up SO FAST. We have never sweat so much. The heat is so comfortable compared to other infrareds we have tried (Sunlighten and Salus). Honestly the best decision we have made to upgrade to a Rocky Mountain sauna.

Sold me on the phone after 5 minutes. Great family company run by the father with daughters handling operations. Build quality is incredible. Love it.

Carter M.
Presto, PA

June 2023

Rocky Mountain Saunas is a company with integrity and excellent service. We live in Ohio and looked at a local vendor. The saunas that they offered were not quality and more money.

We had an issue with a broken glass door during shipment. RMS shipped a new one twice via UPS. The first time UPS damaged it and the second time they lost it. Rocky Mountain then hired a private carrier to bring it straight from Colorado to my door step. Who does that?!

They are the best!!

Robert H.
Canton, OH

June 2023

From customer service, to installation, and the product itself, I could not be happier.

I NEVER write reviews but I felt compelled to because of how amazing this product is. Highly recommend!

Jacob P.
Aurora, CO

June 2023

Best purchase of the year!

Delivery & assembly were a breeze thanks to the detailed instructions & videos. I have had the sauna for approximately a month now and use it multiple times per week.

Definitely worth the value & I look forward to using this for years to come.

Janice P.
Norfolk, VA

May 2023

Instructions were great, easy to follow.

When we got it all unwrapped I was a bit worried because we have a tight turn in the staircase where it was going but it fit just fine.

Two of us had it operational in under 2 hours.

Now we use it almost every day. Love it and would recommend it to anyone.

Carl C.
Thornton, CO

May 2023

Exceeded Expectations

My overall experience has been phenomenal. My wife and I are more than satisfied with the ease of use, overall comfort, and realized health benefits of the Big Bear model we purchased.

Will G.
Melbourne, FL

May 2023

Love this sauna!!

This sauna is amazing! A+ quality and easy to follow instructions when putting it together. Shipping was super-fast too!

Great customer service from the Rocky Mountain Sauna staff. Super friendly and very helpful in trying to decide which sauna was best for me.

Tina M.
Loveland, OH

April 2023

Quality Like a Luxury Resort Would Have!!

I really like the product.  Working with Rocky Mountain Saunas company has been great.

Polly F.
Aledo, TX

April 2023

The entire experience was outstanding! The sales team; the quick delivery; the ease of assembly. The price for the value. The performance and ease of use. I highly recommend this product.

Steve O.
Ijamsville, MD

March 2023

Phenomenal Sauna! We were recently plagued with respiratory sickness soon after purchasing our Sauna. This was, without a doubt, healing therapy for our head, lungs and throat from coughing.

It’s so relaxing. Heat, Radio and lighting are all top notch or grab a favorite book and let it take you away. Purchase was a sure win.

Sandy R.
Eagle River, WI

March 2023

I sincerely appreciate the customer service you provide.  The best I have seen with any company in a very long time.

Brandy J.
Exeter, NH

February 2023

We love our Sauna!! We both have very demanding jobs and one of us commutes to work for a total of 2 hours a day! It is so nice to come home and use the Sauna to relax and unwind!!

We are 60 and 63 years old and love it!! The benefits are amazing!! We would highly recommend the sauna!! The Durango is so nice!! We can use the blue tooth to listen to music, tablets, etc. which is so wonderful!!

Thank you again for a wonderful sauna!!

Dave R.
Cañon City, CO

February 2023

Couldn’t be Happier!

We LOVE our Colorado Model sauna from Rocky Mountain Saunas!

First off, we really appreciated all the support for Customer Service when we had to hold off on delivery until the space for the sauna was remodeled, and then afterward, when we were figuring out how everything works.

Actually, assembly was easier than we expected, only taking my wife and me about an hour.

The Colorado model is beautiful, comfortable, and an amazing addition to our small condo. We use it nearly every day now, and would buy it again in a heartbeat!

Lloyd E.
Salt Lake City, UT

January 2023

I love the sauna.

Helps me sleep really well!


If I had room, I would have liked to get a larger one. However, this works fine.

Thanks to all the staff at Rocky Mountain Sauna - entire process was professional.

The sauna is beautiful.

Love the ionization feature, music feature, lighting, etc.

You didn't forget any convenience.

Pat R.
Wilmington, NC

January 2023

Well thought out!

The Sauna was securely packaged and carefully delivered by FedEx.

Assembly directions were easy to follow and all parts fit perfectly.

I have been using daily for about 35 minutes and enjoying the experience of regular sweating at age 80.

Gordon G.
Estherville, IA

December 2022

Recently purchased the Durango and after 5-6 sessions, we truly love it. We have owned other brands in the past but none compared to the quality and ease of use as this product.

Frank M.
Mesa, AZ

December 2022

The whole buying experience was great. It delivered on a crate and with the help of a friend was assembled in about one and a half hours. I'm definitely a big fan of having a sauna at the house now.

Peter D.
San Rafael, CA

December 2022

It warmed up great and just getting ready to use it this Weekend. Looking forward to it. Nothing I saw beat the quality and price.

Mark H.
McPherson, KS

October 2022

From the start of the process of asking questions, to ordering, to putting it together and now to using the sauna, it has been amazing!

Love that this company is family owned and run. I spoke to the owner of the company for almost an hour as he answered all of my questions and gave me valuable information.

I researched many different infrared sauna sites for months and am so happy that I ordered with Rocky Mountain Sauna.

There are so many amazing benefits of infrared saunas (especially Rocky Mountain Saunas - low EMF, quality of wood, type of heaters used, ease of use, etc.)

I’m already reaping the benefits.

Myself and my family are so happy with our investment in our health with the Durango!

Can’t say enough how much I love it.

Jennifer P.
Buffalo NY

October 2022

We love our Colorado sauna. It has become a regular routine for us. Helps us unwind at the end of the day and sleep better.

Heats up to 130 degrees in only 15 minutes and cools off even faster if you keep the door open. This model was the best choice for us. Customer service is superb. Mike (the owner) spent an hour on the phone with me explaining all the details and helping me chose the right model..

The sauna shipped very fast (ordered on the 8th, shipped on the 13th and arrived on the 15th) and was well packaged.

It is great to support a small veteran-owned family business. Mike gave me a military discount as well.

Mark B.
Billings, Montana

September 2022

This is a fantastic sauna !!

It has excellent features. The sauna was expertly packed for shipment.

For a DYI person, assembly time was reasonable.

We then turned it on and had a fabulous Far Infrared Sauna Session !

Steven L.
Austin, TX

September 2022


Love it, so glad that we chose this company! Mike you were awesome to work with, everyone was! Thank you so much taking pride in your product!

Thomas B.
Fountain, CO

September 2022

Expectations Exceeded!

A great sauna. Superior features well conceived & manifested. We were unaware of the use of color light in the sauna environment would have such wonderful effects.

Inclusion of negative ion and ozone much appreciated.

We use a USB that I have 432hz Hang drum music that adds to the healing peaceful experience.

The door with brushed handle and smoke tinted glass adds to the understated elegance and simplicity.

Jon B.
Somis, CA

August 2022

Great sauna!

I love my Durango sauna! It has helped my psoriatic arthritis, it’s an attractive looking unit, and I look forward to using it each time!

Deb H.
Onamia, MN

August 2022

This message is for Heather in Tech Support. I just want to say Thank You so much for working with me.

Great Customer Service and Hallelujah, I have lights!

Everything is working properly.

Thank you again, Heather.

God Bless you! Have a great day.

Steven C.
Daytona Beach, FL

June 2022

One of the best investments I've made for my health and well being - after a serious car accident and then being diagnosed soon after the accident with cancer, I purchased a sauna from you. It was so helpful in relieving pain and helping me to de-stress and detox.

Over a decade has passed and our sauna is still used on a regular basis. Especially nice on cold nights to warm up and relax before bed.

It gets a break during the summer.

My only regret is that I didn't purchase a larger one so I could lay down in it 🙂

Lynn S
Albany, OR

June 2022

Fantastic Sauna!

I love my sauna.  Relaxing and rejuvenating all wrapped up in one session.

Pam L.
Iowa, LA

June 2022


This is our 1st sauna purchase and I am glad we chose Rocky Mountain.

The unit is great. Warms quickly, smells good (we opted for cedar) and looks stately in our home. Super easy to assemble, took about 20 minutes for my husband and I.

Customer service has been amazing also. Their follow up is second to none.

Keri S.
Petoskey, MI

June 2022

Great Sauna, Great Company!

The sauna has been amazing and the customer service and follow up is better than anything we've had customer service wise in over 10 years.

Tom S.
Mount Holly, NC

May 2022

We invested in this unit for my massage therapy practice. It has helped with soft tissue relaxation and deep tissue work when used prior to massage work.

My husband, who doesn’t like temperatures over 80 degrees, has really liked the dry sauna. So much that he is crossing his fingers in hopes the sauna is a fail in my practice so we have the excuse to bring it home 😊. We could not sit in a steam sauna long enough for it to be affective as we always felt like we couldn’t breath.

We had not used an infrared sauna before this purchase and we were very pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it. Most of my clients that have tried it feel the same.

Your help with the purchase and follow up was fantastic. The staff was kind and easy to work with, going beyond what we had expected…I hope we were just as respectful. Thank You So Very Much!

Karen C.
Broken Bow, NE

May 2022


Rocky Mountain Sauna offers a product exactly what they claim.... Superior. The engineering and construction are perfect, only to be matched by their customer service always willing to help and advise. Definitely recommend!

Robert D.
Santa Fe, NM

May 2022

Sauna was delivered right into our garage. Assembly was straight forward as instructed with two people. We were able to get all pieces down into our basement with a tight turn at the bottom of the stairs.

The sauna heats quickly taking only 10-15 minutes to reach around 130 degrees. Construction and wood was good quality. Would highly recommend this sauna.

Larry L.
Frederick, CO

April 2022

It was easy to assemble and has a solid feel to it. And I love the smell of the wood. It's easy to use and spacious (for one person), but does seat two. The exterior footprint is small and I have it in an extra bedroom in my home.

Starting slowly and working up session time over several weeks is important because the detox can be...surprising. Also, I have to add vitamin and mineral supplements (Electrolytes: Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium & Sodium) to replenish what my body loses.

The number one benefit for me so far is greatly reduced to non-existent pain from general inflammation. This health improvement is huge and I'm so glad I bought the lovely Colorado Model!

Marie M.
Houston, TX


March 2022

I have dreamed of owning an infrared sauna for a few years now. It is for sure my Dream Come True! I get so much use out of it ! and my body feels so much better! It went together pretty easy.

3 person model requires 20 amp wiring & NEMA 5-20 wall outlet. My electrician friend was able to make the needed changes in a short time. I have two friends who are now considering adding a Rocky Mountain Sauna to their home too.

Kelly W.
South Dakota

March 2022

I love my sauna!

I have now been using my new sauna for about a month. It was easy to assemble and is a quality product. I have been impressed with how nice the wood is (mine is cedar) and all of the add-ons that come standard.

The stereo system works great with my iPhone and the lighting is neat.

RMS is great with customer service. From helping me learn how to use the sauna to answering my personal questions, there has always been someone available to talk to.

David J.
Ft. Collins, CO

February 2022

This is my 2nd one, after having to leave my 1st one upon moving. It has the same exacting quality of build, with a couple of upgrades in electronics.

It is easy to assemble with two people. One hour after delivery and it was being used.

Barry R.
Bean Station, TN

January 2022

Heather- I can’t thank you enough. Truly! What a stand up company you work for! Not to mention your customer relations skills. Absolutely Steller! The communication from the get go has been nothing short of fantastic.

Refreshing honestly!

With all the hundreds of sauna companies out there I am Thoroughly grateful we chose Rocky Mountain Saunas.


Jessica G.
Seal Beach, CA

January 2022

I’m 85 years old and I purchased your Colorado Model 3 years ago. Perhaps one of the best purchases I have ever made.

I enjoy it with a cup of coffee and some good TUNES and a bottle of WATER. The unit is made with PRECISION and I’m glad I paid extra for CEDAR.

Appreciated initial orientation. The idea of entering and warming from room temp is a MUST! I do 45 min capped at 135 F. Emphasizing often cleaning was a need-to-know as well.

The sauna was Perfect on delivery.


Midland, TX

January 2022

Easy set up. Make sure you call them after set up for their orientation. Well worth the 15 minutes. It's getting used often by the family!

Dean G.
Ogema, WI

January 2022

I’m a first-time sauna owner and the Rocky Mountain sauna I purchased exceeded my expectations. It’s easy to use provides great relaxation and is a great addition to my home gym!

Thanks, Rocky Mountain Sauna for making great products!

Ken J.
Severance, CO

December 2021

We love our new sauna! After very extensive research we decided to go with Rocky Mountain Sauna and I am so glad we did! Great product at a great price!

Meghann R.
Whitewater, WI

November 2021

After very extensive research we decided to go with Rocky Mountain Sauna and I am so glad we did! Great product at a great price! We have enjoyed this product very much. Such a good therapeutic, relaxing time spent in the sauna especially during Michigan dark/gray months. Sitting in the sauna is like a day at the beach but only better.

One of the best investments towards better health we have ever made. We have noticed that we have had fewer colds, past pandemic we survived with out much issue thanks to our Rocky Mountain sauna.

Company stands behind their products 100% Highly recommend.

Jim H.
Union City, MI

November 2021

We have had our sauna for over a month and have been using it 5-6 times per week. It is a fantastic addition to our home gym.

Assembly was easy and the quality is top notch. Best of all was the customer service. From our first call to inquire, all the way through the purchasing process, the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and did not pressure a purchase.

A Colorado based family and veteran owned company to boot. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Saunas.

Dan C.
Johnstown, CO

November 2021

We are very happy and we are feeling healthier with every use!

Lyudov T.
Mayhill, NM

November 2021

Excellent sauna and the cedar has a wonderful scent.

Linda A.
Marblehead, MA

November 2021

I bought the Big Bear model after spending over a year researching infrared saunas. Loved it so much. We sold our home and new owners wanted to buy it. We were traveling for a year and once we settled back into a new home- I ordered another Big Bear.

Best customer service, so easy to put together and love the Cedar smell (had hemlock before). Heats up quickly and stays close to 135 the entire time.

I can’t imagine not having a Rocky Mountain Sauna! The best!

Sharon F. 

Sharon F.
Hardy, AR

 October 2021

Second one we have had from RMS.  Very satisfied.

Brian W.
Belgrade, MT

October 2021

The Rio came in three boxes and was very easy to assemble. Very impressed with the quality and the Rio is simplistic to operate.

Extremely happy with this product!

Dale W.
Stockton, KS

October 2021

I think there is an issue with the Bluetooth on last year's model that the salesman probably told me about before purchasing and I immediately forgot in my excitement in purchasing the sauna.

I love the sauna and use it a few times each week. The smell of the red cedar is nice too.

I think the part label guys were having a laugh by putting the bench "up" sticker on the wrong side, but it all went together pretty easily.

Sidney N.
Watertown, CT

September 2021

Everything arrived safe and sound.  The sauna was delivered at 11:00am, and I was enjoying it by 5:00 that evening. 

It was me by myself unboxing the sauna, carrying each piece to my basement and assembling it.

The unit works GREAT and gets me sweating as much, if not more, than the traditional rock sauna I used at our Local YMCA.  I couldn't be happier! 

Thanks again!  I have literally been in it every night this week.

Chet B.
Springfield, IL

September 2021

The sauna is set up and used one time.  Love it!!

Norman M.
Middlefield, OH

September 2021

I had been in the market for a far infrared sauna for a while before I stumbled upon Rocky Mountain Saunas.

After using one at a local spa a number of times, I knew I wanted one and I had even gotten some quotes from other big name companies.

Every other company I talked to I had a hard time getting a straight answer about pricing and the conversations just felt like upselling rather than answering my questions.

I couldn't believe this company actually posted the prices for their saunas online!

And in the end, the price they list is the price you pay!

I bought the 2021 Durango cedar sauna with all the bells and whistles and have been using it for a few months now.

Rocky Mountain Saunas is a family-owned business and it shows in how they take care of their customers !

The best bang for your buck and the best customer experience HANDS DOWN !

I'm a busy, working mom and the sauna has become my sanctuary of sweat and silence and I'm SO glad I bought it!


Kelly N
Salt Lake City UT

 August 2021

A great deal of time and thought went into our Big Bear Sauna purchase. We carefully reviewed several others before making our final decision to purchase from Rocky Mnt.

In a nut shell, we could not be more pleased! Shipping was fast and we were able to move all the pieces with no additional assistance. Set up was simplistic, with just myself and my husband. After having a 220 outlet installed it was simply plug & play.

The Big Bear is very spacious, well insulated and heats up quickly. Music from our phones via blue tooth sound great over the speakers. We have used the 30hr Timer and it works perfectly. The glass tempered bronze doors and window panels are gorgeous and no heat sneaks out.

We upgraded to the Western Red Cedar. According to my research it is a better product and in our opinion more beautiful.

Concerning health issues; I have chronic sinus trouble and find regular use of the Big Bear helps clear congestion. Also, after more than my share of physical injuries, every morning I am extremely stiff all over. The first thing I do is sit in my Big Bear for 30+ minutes and the difference is amazing! I am much less stiff/sore; and noticeably pain free. I have also gained a significant increase in range of motion after lightly stretching.

DO THIS! Your body will thank you! Considering the price of the Big Bear we believe it is worth every penny. Please do a little research and I believe you will find that to be true.

Jay and Michelle N.
College Park, GA

June 2021

Great experience everyone! What a well-organized process!

Just wanted to circle back around and thank you all for providing: advice, support videos, detail of shipping process as well as access to someone in the event of a question. Never have I experienced such a fluid and smooth process. From the contact at FedEx who made sure we knew within minutes the time of delivery to the actual delivery itself – everything executed without any issues.

Jennifer and Gary T.
Dallas, TX.

 March 2021

We recently purchased and installed the Rocky Mountain Sauna Badger model.

We were impressed with the company and product from the initial contact through the up and running of the sauna! 

We are totally satisfied with Rocky Mountain Saunas, their product quality and price, their staff, support, and follow-up.  Please call and or email my wife and me for a personal referral!

Jim and Jean M.
Rochester, Mn.

October 2020

Project is complete, and we have had the opportunity to use the sauna a few times. I have to say I am more than satisfied with your product, from the packaging, to the assembly videos, to the results when you turn the unit on, everything is exactly as advertised.

It only took 3 of us about 45 minutes to assemble, once laid out, following the assembly instructions. All parts were well marked, nothing missing and nothing damaged. Sauna came out Perfect!

I’m including some pictures of the finished product. I installed the Big Bear in my gym, but did not want to take up the much floor space, so I built a pass through into my mechanical room. Now the back half of the sauna is located in the mechanical room and the front portion is in the gym area !

Let me say your dimensions were spot on, which was very important. Great product and great service.

Thank you,

Bob D.
Atlanta, GA


 August 2020

I still have the Durango model sauna that I ordered in 2012. Works great. I use it almost every day. Love it.

Douglas F
Fond du Lac, WI

July 2020

We have had our sauna for over four years and even after lots of use we are still very pleased. Absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend Rocky Mountain Saunas for anyone who is unfamiliar with saunas or if this is your first sauna.

Alek S.
Houston, TX

July 2020

2020 Durango Cedar Custom Installation: Master Bathroom

July 2020

Every household needs this sauna to help our bodies remove toxins from our bodies by sweating it out. You will not believe how much your body will sweat until you get this sauna. I have also shed pounds with this sauna.

Rocky Mountain Saunas has been the best purchase I ever made. I grew up getting in my families at home sauna, so I am no stranger to saunas. So, I convinced my wife to get one at our home instead of going to my family’s house to jump in.

We purchased the Colorado model that fits 2 adults. Unfortunately, I received a DOA model. No worries though, Heather saved the day!!!!

Their customer service at Rocky Mountain Saunas was by far the best I ever received from any company. They sent out multiple parts and paid for everything to try to fix the issue.

As I grew worrisome, Heather never gave up and didn’t allow me to either. She provided outstanding customer service. She even paid to have a Master Electrician come to my home to try to repair the sauna and they all worked together to fix it. It was a bad coupler and reset switch. They fixed it and we were up and running.

We have been getting in the sauna every day since we are quarantined at home due to the Covid-19 stay at home order. It works perfectly and I encourage everyone to buy from this company because they sell an incredible looking sauna that has all the amenities for the perfect price.

I did a lot of research, so save yourself the time and buy from this company. Why spend thousands of dollars with another company, when you can rest assure Rocky Mountain Saunas will protect your investment for life!!!

DONT FORGET, you must drink at least 6 bottles of water a day when using this sauna.


Robert B
Lorain, OH

June 2020

To have a successful business you need a great product at a fair price with good customer service.

You win!

Sending such a large and heavy kit long distance is tricky. It needs to be easy to assemble and look great yet durable. It needs to be reliable yet simple to maintain. And you need to have great customer service to handle any of the issues that arise dealing with the seemingly contradictory needs listed above.

I am very happy with my sauna. I am also very happy with the support I have received. Heather has been like a friend who happens to work for your company. Despite the added demands of the pandemic I have felt well supported.

I’m not sure whom at your company should hear this but please pass on my kudos to the correct people. Thanks for a good product. I look forward to a long relationship.

Joe P.
Lithia FL

May 2020

We bought a Colorado a few years ago and love it. It has been a huge asset with my husband's cardiac issues.

Diane and Bill S.
Minneapolis MN

March 2020

In my 70 plus years I can think of only two other companies I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of such exceptional customer service.

Rocky Mountain Saunas has performed well above the gold standard of good customer service. By seeing issues and addressing them immediately and at times before I even became aware of them.

Thanks Rocky Mountain Saunas. We are very much enjoying our RMS Rio Grande sauna.

Doug and Linda H
St. George, UT

March 2020

We bought the Big Bear a few years back. We received it quickly and it was super easy to assemble.

We thought we were missing a part for the wiring so we called and they immediately over-nighted us the "missing" part. It turns out the part was in there but we had overlooked it. The point is their customer service was awesome!

Unfortunately we rented that house out with the sauna in it. So now we are ordering another one!

Patrick D
Stevenson, MT

February 2020

I purchased their 2 person Colorado sauna years ago.  The warm up time started to drag and I reached out to their Customer Service Department for help.  Heather did an absolute outstanding job in helping identify the issue and solving the problem.  I love the sauna and was super impressed by their great support so many years after the purchase.

Thomas F.
Charleston, SC

January 2020

We have been using our 2 person sauna for 6 months in home and love it! We aren't dealing with any major health issues, just using it to get a good sweat going. I believe it helps my dry skin in the winter and seems to lessen some minor eczema. The purchase was easy and I saved $100 by picking it up at the Denver warehouse. If you're on the fence I'd say go for it. I have no doubt this unit will provide decades of service. 

Eric S.
Oconomowoc, WI

January 2020

We have enjoyed every minute of our Rio Grande since it arrived in 2016.  A true quality product with a warranty that no one else on any product I know stands behind like you folks. 

Please say hello to Mike Henson for us.  Part of the reason was the phone call from Mike.  We had watched the videos and were impressed.  After speaking with Mike we were sold and excited to receive the sauna. 

Happy New Year to you all, keep up the great work.  Love the updated website and all the videos.  Bless you all in 2020.

James H.
Union City, MI

December 2019

I have detoxed from metal poisoning using a Rocky Mountain infrared sauna coupled with glutathione IV’s. It has changed my life tremendously.

Rocky Mountain Saunas offer the best infrared coverage due to their well thought out design. They also have nice wooden accents covering the plates allowing you to get comfortable in the sauna without worrying about touching against a hot plate.

They are simply the best on the market.

Lily M.
Farmingdale, NY

December 2019

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the folks at Rocky Mountain Saunas.  After researching endlessly online, I was overtly drawn to your family, veteran-owned company.  The fact that my work has served American veterans for the past 45 years probably had something to do with my choice, but I've come to realize the choice was great!

Let me tell you the reason why.  My contact with Jessica, Tony, everyone so far has been superlative.  Even when I have been a bit, ahem, "testy," with regard to a couple of the details on my order and shipping, instead of getting a terse reply, or no reply at all, I got a thoughtful, considerate response from Jessica!  Wow!  She took the time to explain and clarify...few businesses do that anymore.

My sauna hasn't even arrived yet, and already I'm impressed with Rocky Mountain Saunas attention to detail!  I'm more than confident our product and follow-through will be just as positive!

Thanks for being a class-act!

James M
Port Trevorton, PA

November 2019

We are sooooo happy with our sauna! Thanks Rocky Mountain!

Keith G.
Maplewood, NJ

November 2019

Hi Mike!


We bought a Colorado model sauna from you about 3 1/2 years ago. Just letting you know that it works as perfectly today as it did on day 1.


It smells fresh each time we go in. We now regularly go in for 30 min at 130 deg!! Feels so good!


I just got out, and thought I would send you a note. Just wish we would have bought a slightly bigger one because we are tall people.


Thanks for making such an outstanding product!!

Karen W Bend OR


October 2019

I got the Big Bear in July of 2019. I was convinced of the health benefits of IR sauna after doing tons of comparison shopping. Features and specs of this sauna were impressive and not avail elsewhere at this price. I live in NY and ordering was easy and the customer service updates with shipping status super helpful to coordinate delivery. The unit arrives in pre-wired panels on a well constructed, yet easy to disassemble, shipping pallet.


The Big Bear operates on a 220 volt circuit. Per the directions, we had an electrician install a 220V/ 20A dedicated line. My wife and I carried the panels into our basement and the entire assembly took only 75 minutes, having watched the instructional YouTube video prior. Was impressed with the quality of the components and construction right out of the box.

The operation is quite easy as well. It takes about 30 minutes to warm up to my desired temp ( 140). The Bluetooth pairing with my phone ( kept outside the sauna) works while allowing me to enjoy podcasts or music.

I had a total knee replacement in September of 2019 and after 2 weeks of physical therapy and ice therapy, my surgeon suggested heat therapy as well to increase healing and range of motion. I am using my stationary bike and the sauna in combination 4-5 x per week. I have seen remarkable results. Week 2 after surgery I could only do a few revolutions on the bike and 10 minutes in sauna at 110 degrees. Now, 6 weeks post surgery I'm up to 25 min on bike plus 30 min sauna at 140 degrees. Finished PT 3 weeks early and incision looks great!

John S.
Albany NY

October 2019

My Durango is still going strong and time has proven, at least for me, that the claims made in the brochure are true and quantifiable.

Thank you so much for such a great product and I thank God for giving you the wisdom and ability to produce such a wonderful product. Brother, it works.

Semi-retired Fi Marine!!

Bob R.

September 2019

I have had a Durango Sauna for 7 months now and this product is simply fantastic. The company provides a product that is exactly as they describe it. Quality!!

I did my research and could have gone with more expensive models, but I am happy I bought this one. It is just as good.

 The Durango was simple to assemble and was shipped across country in solid shipping boxes. The assembly instructions were straightforward and the unit went together without any issues at all.

 I also want to add that dealing with the company is awesome. Everyone I worked with on the phone was friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

 Rocky Mountain Saunas is a great company.

John M.
Suffield, CT

March 2019

Loving our far infrared sauna! It was so easy to put together and the customer service is outstanding. Thank you RMS!

Kris P.
Westminster, CO

March 2019

We have a 3 person model that we bought in 2011. Recently had a problem with it (it would not turn on). I contacted Rocky Mountain Saunas.

One of there techs contacted me and we trouble shot the problem over the phone. They sent me the replacement part at no charge. I swapped out the part and it works again.

The life time warranty is for real. If you are looking to buy a sauna this is the brand to get.

Brian T.
Gladstone, MO

January 2019

I Just Wanted To Let You Know That You Make Very Fine Products. I Bought Mine In 2012 And It Has Worked Flawlessly Since Then.

Jim W.
Campbellsport, WI

December 2018

Hi Mike! 

Loving the Colorado was a breeze to put together!  Took almost as long to unpack and stage the pieces into place as it did to assemble....great packing and the shipper fork-lifted it directly into our garage.  After getting the replacement radio cd player I went ahead and replaced the stock speakers with some 4" JBL's and upgraded the stereo to!...what a difference. 

Heather has been wonderful to work with....her orientation was very helpful and right on point....answering all our questions.  The optional cushion arrived yesterday and looks great. If you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to use us.......we are very pleased.

Merry Xmas!

Marc E.
Castle Rock, CO

 November 2018

It is rather unusual, these days, to receive the level of service most companies promise on their website. ROCKY MOUNTAIN SAUNAS not only delivered what was promised; they exceeded. From my first call, in which I ordered the BIG BEAR Sauna, thru delivery and follow up they have lived up to their promises.

Delivery was 3 days from date of order, assembly was easily accomplished with instructions and video provided. I was up and running in a couple of hours. My electrician stated that it was one of the finest built units he had seen.

It has only been a week....but I LOVE my new sauna. (thinking about buying a second one for another home....will definitely be calling Rocky Mountain Saunas) OUTSTANDING JOB !!!!!!!

James F.
Kingman, AZ

October 2018

After doing a lot of research on saunas on line we decided to go with the Colorado 2 Person sauna and certainly have not been disappointed.

We placed our order by phone and based on their advice we decided to upgrade to the western red cedar, the pioneer stereo and added the canvas cushion, none of which we regretted. The sauna was very well packaged for shipping and arrived undamaged.

Our contractor had the initial assembly done in no time and then modified certain exterior elements to integrate it fully into our bathroom design. We have found that the unit is easy to operate, heats up reasonably quickly, maintains the desired temperature and is very comfortable space for two.

The very pleasant surprise was how much the sound system enhance the overall experience. The sauna eliminates all exterior noise, we connect to Pandora set the right mood lighting and just relax.

Suzana and Eric
St. Charles, IL

October 2018

Wow. Really happy with our Rocky Mountain Sauna. Installed in a couple hours with my wife helping. Did initial start up and used right away. All I can say is "awesome".

It is a great de-stressor and The wife and I have made it a habit already to sit for 20 min. every other day to enjoy it. Glad that we settled on the Rocky Mountain Colorado. Plenty of room. Nicely done and easy to operate.

Thanks to the team at Rocky Mountain I think this will be a well used addition to our health care regimen.....

Lewis D.
West Henrietta, NY

October 2018

Our Durango was installed at the end of July 2018 and I have been using it 5-6 days a week since then. 

Born on 1/1/1943, four years ago I stopped ridding my road bicycle and taking extended walks (3-5 miles) because of knee weakness and pain and a general feeling of malaise throughout my body.  After Lyme Disease was ruled out, I was diagnosed primarily with arthritis, bone on bone and Bakers Cysts in both needs. I was only able to continue golf (riding in a cart) with the help of knee supports and Advil.

In early September my condition improved dramatically which I can only attribute to using your sauna. There were no other changes in my lifestyle, exercise or medications. I’m back on the bicycle, walking and playing golf without knee supports.  The pace of my walk also has improved dramatically.

Before this change, I would sit and read almost all day to avoid the pain of getting out of a chair and moving. That has completely changed and in the morning I get up and keep on going. Not only the knees, but all joints feel like they did in my early 60s.

This is a long way of saying to your entire team Thank You All.


John W.
Hertford, NC

September 2018

I must tell you how fortunate you are to have Heather! My chromotherapy light had trouble working and Heather walked me through how to change out various parts until we found the defective "ribbon". Heather followed up with phone calls and e-mails and assured me that this would get resolved and we did it. Heather is very professional and was a delight to work with.

Brett M.
Traverse City, MI

June 2018

Heather was absolutely fantastic to work with. We had a few electric glitches. Heather stayed on it until it was perfect. Could not be more happy with service and the unit.

Ed P.
Dana Point, CA

May 2018

The sauna is working great and we are enjoying it every evening before bed. It’s outside on the deck next to the pool. We usually spend 45 min @ 125F then take a dive and quick dip to cool off. So refreshing and an amazing therapy after a long day. 

The sauna is so easy to operate, is very quick to heat, and the cover is sturdy against winds and rains. We are very pleased.

Mark F.
Pleasanton, CA

April 2018

We have had our Colorado going on 8 months now and I have to say it is the best thing I’ve ever purchased in my life! The RMS team provided extraordinary service and the sauna is absolutely top notch! Easy to assemble and excellent workmanship!

The sauna was a godsend during our cold Missouri winter! We have kept healthy and warm the whole winter! I can not express the warm wonderful experience while in the sauna! It is truly relaxing and takes my stress level down to zero! The physical health benefits are numerous as are the mental and emotional gains!

I was afraid this would be one of those things I would initially use for a little while, like exercise equipment, then stop doing it. But I have stayed with it because it is so amazing and I feel fantastic!

Saunas are a big deal right now so everybody wants one and there are many to choose from. The two biggest reasons we bought from RMS is number one, they are professional and have excellent customer service before and after the sale. They are like family, not a giant big box corporation. Number two is the zero EMF offered. This was extremely important to us since we are all bombarded every day with too many frequencies hitting us. Very few companies offer this option at an affordable price. We are so happy with our Colorado knowing we are healing when we’re in it and not getting blasted with with more EMF!

Thank you RMS for providing such an awesome product and being so integral in your business!

Lori H.
Salem, MO

April 2018

We really like our Rio Grande - Rocky Mountain Sauna, whenever we have family and friends over we are sure to show them the sauna. It fits in our bathroom where we had a garden tub. Being in Michigan this spring has been a bit colder than normal, the sauna is a great help to beat the cold. Great product. The price is very good and the service after the sale is top notch. Thank you all again for making such a great product.

Jim H.
Union City, MI

March 2018

I am THRILLED with my Durango RM sauna. I am so glad we talked and I upgraded in size from the Colorado; the Durango is perfect for what I need! I’ve already used it twice since it was installed on Saturday afternoon.

I can’t thank you enough for all of your correspondence and support during the purchasing process. Aside from buying my house and car,  this was the biggest purchase I’ve ever made. Being (self-professed) tech challenged I was very overwhelmed w/ how this would all come together. What was once a dank mint green basement used as a dumping ground for things is now a spa for one!! I love it!!! 

Thanks again!

Rebecca F
Amherst, NY

March 2018 started just before Christmas Eve. I decided I was finally going to buy a sauna. Living on 5-acres, my initial thought was to build a barrel sauna w/a wood fired heater. Went to Google to look around and discovered IR Saunas.

I’m sure you searched several sites and gobbled up all the information you could find. It’s not like you’re spending $50. This is a sizable purchase. Serious research is required to make the right buying decision. RMS had the most extensive information write up.

The industry doesn’t make it easy for prospective customers to filter the information or make an informed decision. I decided to send out several queries to learn more.

It was Christmas Eve or the day before. I went to several sauna sites and requested information. Knowing it was the holiday, I didn’t expect to hear back from anyone soon. Within 30 minutes I received a reply from the owner of RMS. I was amazed he responded so quickly. Too, he answered several questions I asked him over several emails. With his help, I settled on the Colorado two man sauna and I love it!

Hard to believe, but six other manufactures never responded....never! In the end, I placed my order., received my sauna and assembled it in short order. It was a breeze. Had a slight issue that was addressed w/out question.

This group is amazing and I do not hesitate recommending them to anyone looking for a high quality product with superb customer service. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

Ralph P.
Novelty, OH

March 2018

I received my Durango this afternoon. The FedEx driver was very nice and did a great job off loading the shipment with his lift gate. The packaging was in great shape with little to no blemishes to be concerned with.

I unpacked the Durango and assembled it with little issues thanks to the excellent assembly videos on your web site. As I write this email, the sauna is going through the initial setup sequence. I look forward to my first session.

Best regards,

Joe G.
Elizabethtown, PA

March 2018

I am totally impressed with the immediate response I have had with every one of my questions.  It shows me how in tune you are with your product and customers.  Your customer service is awesome!!!  Our sincere thanks for the military discount.  It is very much appreciated.

Judy S.
Tampa, FL

March 2018
I deal with a lot of companies and you guys by far have the best customer service there is!
Danny R
Houston, TX

February 2018

Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service right at the front door. I was attracted to your company because it supported the military (I am a Veteran as well as my 4 daughters and 2 son-in-laws) and your website was easy to navigate and the information very helpful. When I called to discuss purchasing Mike Toney was patient and explained my questions to my full satisfaction. I was pleased to know support would only be a phone call away.

Thanks again for a great experience,

David M LTC (retired) AF NC

Wisconsin Dells, WI

February 2018
THANKS so much for your help !!!!! I am very impressed at how well Rocky Mountain Saunas stands behind its products!!!
Harvey S.
Edinburg, VA

February 2018
These are wonderful products, they stand behind their products, easy to assemble, easy to use. Looking or thinking about a Sauna? Call them up. Lots of information on YouTube about these models. Warranty is the best on the market too. Great people to work with, Highly recommend.
Jim H.
Union City, MI

January 2018
The FedEx driver was awesome.  Everything has been very professional and I'm impressed.  Thank you.
Glenda W.
Tucson, AZ

January 2018
Easily assembled.  Put into the master bedroom.  Fit, finish and materials are excellent.  Have used it five times with no issues.  Feels great.  Several friends are asking questions.   Great product, great service.  Thanks.
David H.
Council Bluffs, IA

January 2018
Heather was terrific helping us resolve our issue.  She was extremely efficient and helpful.  We love our sauna.
Kimberly D.
Millington, NJ

January 2018
I love it... only used it three times so far but I absolutely love it!!  Easy to put together!
Jeanne D.
Machiasport, ME

January 2018
We bought the Badger and love it.  My husband and I put it together and it was very easy to do.  Our delivery guy made sure everything was good before he left.  So nice to use on these cold winter days.
Michelle M
Lima, OH

December 2017

I can't even begin to state how much I love this sauna, the service was excellent, the product is excellent and for the first time in years I sleep like a baby. My son purchased one too. He wants to feel as good as I do!

Karen P.

Venice, FL

November 2017

I am very happy with the sauna, which I got after my extensive research. Out of 20-30 vendors I narrowed it down to 3. I was looking for 1-2 person far IR Sauna, low EMF, new style Japanese carbon heaters, heaters in the front and in the floor, properly kiln dried hemlock or cedar option, etc.

I ended up with a 3-person model. I am very happy with it. I went for cedar, which probably has a better environmental resistance, looks very nice; and as a woodworker I have no objections to the craftsmanship. Looks like a nice piece of furniture.

I upgraded to Pioneer sound system but haven’t really used the audio yet. Sauna setup was easy with an extra pair of motivated hands, and a towel rack that was promptly discovered and chewed up by my one year old boxer during the assembly was quickly replaced with Heather’s assistance. She also gave me an unexpected follow up call and went through the sauna operation instructions with me.

The sauna warms up quite fast and 130F is all I need to warm up quickly and start sweating. Durango can accommodate my 6 ft tall body laying down comfortably, although the inside dimensions require a decent bend in my knees.

Outside lights are a nice touch. Color LED inside lighting sets the relaxing mood right. I am glad I ordered their optional cushion to be more comfortable laying on the bench.

My friend upon my great experience and advice is strongly considering to get her sauna from Rocky Mountain Saunas in the very near future.

Jan S.

Nye, NH

October 2017

The Durango I purchased from Rocky Mountain Saunas isn't my first sauna.  I previously had one installed in my home in Maryland, but it was a "hot rocks" traditional model in western red cedar from a different manufacturer. 

I decided to get the Durango in Canadian Hemlock, primarily because my bride of many years doesn't like the scent of cedar. The two of us unpacked and assembled the Durango in under two hours.  The packaging was without peer, the instructions very clear and well sequenced. I loved the added details like the drink holders (essential to keep electrolytes flowing), the radio/CD sound system, excellent quality of the hardware, and the lighting package. Since I had already installed the dedicated 20A / 120V circuit, I could have hopped in and started using it. However, I decided (very much out of character) to read the usage guidelines first. 

What I have found out, in a month of using the sauna at least three or more times a week, is that it heats up to my use temperature of 135 F in a very short period of time.  It is much quicker to heat than the "traditional" hot rock sauna, has me sweating profusely in no time, and doesn't have the hot rock electric heater protruding into the interior of the sauna, while the electric meter goes into warp speed. I always felt that the heating unit was a real personal burn hazard, but at the time Far-infrared wasn't available. I'm glad that has changed, because the new technology is extremely effective, safer, and, based on our latest electric bill, MUCH more economical to operate!v 

And, speaking of Far-infrared, I reviewed the specifications of numerous saunas before choosing the Durango from Rocky Mountain Saunas, and RMS has by far the best certifications and specifications of any unit out there, especially comforting is the lifetime warranty they provide their customers.

In addition, I have found Rocky Mountain Saunas is the kind of company that enjoys establishing personal rapport with their customers. I spent a lot of time talking with Mike Henson -- the company founder, who was there working on Labor Day weekend -- discussing the care and development that goes into each of their products. 

After ordering, receiving, and using my Durango sauna, I am totally satisfied with the unit, and everything Mike told me about the science, quality, and pride that goes into the product is absolutely true.  If anything, he was too modest.

Rocky Mountain Saunas should be anyone's go-to place if they are serious about getting the best quality sauna in today's market. It is dollar for dollar, the best quality, safest, and most effective way to enjoy the sauna experience. An added bonus is the sincere personal attention and the friendly service that characterizes RMS. They make you feel like an old friend of the family.  You'll be glad you met them! They are good people. Give'em a call !

Peter H.

Candler, NC


October 2017

Rocky Mountain Saunas (Big Bear Sauna) featured in Parade of Homes Salt Lake, UT.

October 2017

I just wanted to say thanks again for standing behind your product and service. I was told before I bought this from RMS that your service was the best, and it is so very true!

To everyone involved with my issue THANKS!

Jim P.

St. Claire, MO


June 2017

I purchased a custom sized Rocky Mountain Sauna 2 years ago. I only finished the bathroom it is installed in recently. However in that time my wife and I have been using the Sauna regularly. It works wonderfully. My wife who is Russian is a Sauna lover and it passes her criteria with flying colors. It is functional and good looking. I give Rocky Mountain Sauna the highest rating for customer satisfaction and quality of product.

T Foster Custom Rio Grande 2

Timothy F.
New Port Richey, FL

May 2017

I wanted to thank Michelle for such prompt service on sending the parts that went out on the sauna that I purchased back in 2011.

You all have been wonderful from the time I purchased it to troubleshooting and fast delivery of the parts that stopped working. After replacing the parts Thursday night, I did a full hour sauna session Friday morning and everything seems to be running perfectly. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for treating your customers so well even when something breaks. Most companies know how to treat people good while taking their money, but fall short after that. I can’t express enough how much your company’s complete professionalism is appreciated.

Thank you again.

Chyann H.
Biloxi, MS

April 2017

Mr. Henson,
Just a follow up note our sauna purchase. It arrived intact, the only shipping damage was to the pallet. Assembly was not at all difficult and everything is functioning perfectly thus far. My wife uses it every night and loves it, especially the red cedar. She only wishes she had purchased one years earlier! Thank you again and we feel we made the right decision in purchasing from Rocky Mountain Saunas…

Dave & Chun B.
Savannah, GA

March 2017

We are very impressed with your company, product and service.
The sauna works great and was easy to put together.
We will recommend you to anyone looking for a sauna.

S. Hoyt
Boscawen, NH

March 2017

The new Colorado unit has proved very effective. Short warm up time, induces rapid sweating. My morning stretching routine in the sauna has done wonders to help eliminate joint stiffness/tendonitis pain i’ve been dealing with.*

Great to whip a sinus/ upper respiratory cold in short order as well.*

I look forward to enjoying the longer term benefits with continued use.

M. King
Rangeley, ME

March 2017

Just received our Sauna this weekend and hubby got it together in no time. Used it for the first time today and thinking I’m gonna be lovin me this sauna. Thank you so much Rocky Mountain Saunas for all the questions you answered and your professionalism you showed in dealing with your company. So happy we found you.

L. Hammer
Bismarck, ND

February 2017

My wife and I purchased a Rocky Mountain Sauna three years ago. We had heard of the positive experiences from others with regard to the benefits of Sauna use. The question was who should we buy from. After speaking with Tony at Rocky Mountain Saunas I felt confident that they were providing a quality sauna at a very good price.

After 3 years of use, once a day, 3 to 5 times a week, the pain in my neck from a degenerative condition is much better. My wife, a cancer survivor, says that her immunity has improved following her cancer treatments and it also has helped with her sinuses.*

Not only has the sauna operated flawlessly for over three years, when we re-modeled our Master Bathroom, it was a beautiful addition. Thanks to Rocky Mountain for a wonderful product.

Walt B.
Jacksonville, FL

February 2017

OBrien Testimonial

Hi Mike,

I purchased the Colorado Sauna in Sept of 2016 as a health aid. I was a little apprehensive at first since I knew very little about saunas and their various health benefits.

I spoke with you over the phone and took your advice for the temperature and time in the sauna. Since September I have regularly used my sauna 2 to 3 times per week and generally after my cardio workouts. I pour out sweat for 30 to 40 minutes and feel absolutely great afterwards.*

I spent 31 years in the fire service (many of that as a hazmat response member) and retired in 2015 as a fire Captain. During those years I know I was exposed to countless chemicals and toxins, and looking back I would have loved to have had time in my sauna while I was working to sweat out those hazards from my body.*

My skin feels better and my wife loves to spend even short periods in the sauna to warm up just before bed.
Thanks again Mike, your Colorado sauna in a fine piece of craftsmanship and I strongly recommend it to anyone in the First Responder.

Thomas O.
Lake Arrowhead, CA

February 2017

We purchased the Rio Grande corner unit in October due to an illness and it has been a blessing in my fight against chronic Lyme Disease and heavy metals detox.* I enjoy my sauna for at least 45 minutes 6 days a week and it has changed my life. Thank you Rocky Mountain Saunas!

Tricia C.
Gilbert, AZ

February 2017

I’ve had one (a Rocky Mountain Sauna) for 6 years. Love mine. Bought it for my arthritis . 6 years and still not on any medication.*

Kathy B.
Bristol, CT

December 2016


Jeff and Karen A. from Florida – Thank You for sharing this wonderful picture with us!

August 2016

Hi Mike,

I do truly love my Rocky Mountain Sauna! Your sauna was an upgrade for us from a regular sauna that I had used for about 5 years. I love the infrared technology as well as the craftsmanship of your sauna compared to my old sauna.

Our infrared sauna has been a great help to me in getting over a Lyme Disease infection with additional co-infections. I use it at least 2 and sometimes more times per week, usually for a 40 minute session each time. My Doctor’s office actually has an Infrared Sauna and prescribes infrared sauna sessions as part of their Lyme Disease treatment protocol …*
..very happy I have my own!

Thanks for such a great product and for standing by your warranty. I have a favorite CD that I listen to, so I will be very happy to have a working CD player again. We live in an area where we don’t have great radio reception, so I really appreciate the CD player.

Nancy S.
Greenwich NY

July 2016

We have had nothing but great responses since ordering, assembling and using our Rio Grande from Rocky Mountain Saunas. The ordering process was smooth and very well organized.

We were told what to look for in the delivery and how to address any possible situation. From order to delivery was less than a week. Prior to assembling, which was very easy, all of our questions on how to use and what to expect were answered.

We both talked directly with representatives and read the thorough mailings provided. We have had our sauna up and running for about six weeks and enjoy it daily. The service and respect we received from RMS via phone and e-mails interaction was more relaxed than our initial inquiries from local retailers of other brands.

Charles R.
Elgin, IL

June 2016


I hope this report about my sauna experience will be of help to your company.

I purchased my sauna in 2011 on the advice of a Dr. that was treating me for chronic Lyme disease.* Rocky Mountain Saunas had the best price and a lifetime guarantee. The company has been wonderful to deal with.

The sauna in conjunction with antibiotics helped save my life. There is nothing better for removing toxins from the body. Dead bacteria can back up in the body and poison you. A sauna removes these toxins. I finally got the Lyme under control with the aid of the sauna. I continue to use it to keep this terrible disease at bay. The sauna keeps me, and my wife feeling better. The very best money I ever spent.*

David D.
Kingsport, TN

June 2016

I was very apprehensive ordering something as expensive as a sauna from a company I have never heard of before. I put a lot of trust in the fact that the BBB rated RMS at A+ so after searching numerous web sites and visiting a store in Maine that sold saunas I decided to take a chance with ordering from RMS.

The purchase of my sauna from RMS was the best online shopping experience I have ever had. The people I spoke with on the phone were very professional and took the time to answer all my questions. The sauna was delivered in 6 days from the date I ordered it.

The Fed-ex truck driver brought the pallet right into my garage with his pallet jack. I followed the video instruction that RMS had emailed me an start to finish my wife and I assembled our Big Bear sauna in about 1 hour. The sauna is definitely a premium quality product and it works great. I would recommend Rocky Mountain Saunas to anyone they are a great company to do business with.

John S.
Chelsea, ME

May 2016

We bought a sauna from Rocky Mountain Saunas in January 2016 – it has been a great experience. Everything has been first rate with company – from the sauna itself, the shipping company they used, the way they pack the sauna, their customer service if you have a question, etc. They’re wonderful people to do business with, and I’ve recommended them to many others.

Debbie C.
Winchester, VA

May 2016

Had mine for a few years now. Love it. The quality is great. Easy cleaning. Helps a lot with my arthritis.*

Kathy B.
Bristol, CT

April 2016

Beautiful Custom Durango installation in a Commercial Location:


Julie & Joe R.
Brighton, CO

April 2016

Rocky Mountain Saunas,

We did A LOT of research before we purchased our sauna. I am so glad that we made the decision to go with Rocky Mountain Saunas! The personal service, warranty and product are far superior than anything else out there. We got our sauna in and it was packaged just as securely as promised. The set up was extremely easy and went very quickly! We were able to start using it right away! We decided to give it a built-in look and finished the room (walk-in closet) it was in to match the exterior finish of the sauna.

We purchased the Durango in Hemlock. The tongue and groove wood we put on the walls in the closet were made of pine… we went to Sherwin-Williams with a piece of the pine and the magazine rack from the sauna and they were able to custom make a stain to match! Our sauna room looks awesome!

After using it now for 2 months, I can honestly say that my husband and I love it! I use it, at least, every other day and he does too. First off, it is so relaxing and you feel so good after using it. So far, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin! It is so much clearer and smooth!*

Also, I have battled weight loss, like so many other women in their 40’s. All I’ve wanted to do for the past couple of years is lose 15 pounds. I work out, eat healthy and nothing changes… until we got our sauna! I have lost 10 pounds in the 2 months we have had it and I haven’t changed anything I was doing! Keep in mind I was working out and dieting before we got the sauna… I’m not saying you can eat anything and sit around and lose, I just know that this sauna is what finally broke the barrier for me.*

These physical changes I notice and love, but I am more excited about the things the sauna is doing for me that I can’t see! The detoxing and tons of other health benefits (too many to list) are priceless! With all the unhealthy things in this world, I feel like having the sauna is like having a secret weapon to battle many of today’s ailments! Thank you so much!!!*

Myra L. / Indiana

Testimonial**Note built in wall refrigerator for cool sauna drinks !**

March 2016

We have had our sauna over a year now and we love it! Quality is top notch and it was easy to put together. The best part of our experience was the customer service. They are great people to work with and they call you to make sure everything is good. They do stand behind their product to make sure your happy. Highly recommended!!

Stephanie W.
McMillan, MI

March 2016

Hello Rocky Mountain Saunas team

I received my sauna!! and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! It was all intact and the delivery guy was great! After watching the assembly video, my brother and his wife came over to help set it up and he was impressed that it was as easy as the video made it seem!!

Since I’m still in the first week of using it, I am only using it every other night, but already, I slept like I haven’t slept in a long time!* I have ordered a lot of coconut water as it has electrolytes, and minerals to replenish the body. I am looking forward to many other benefits from using my sauna in the future! Thank you!!

Moorhead, MN

December 2015

This message is just to say how much we like our Durango sauna that we purchased earlier this year (2015). We are over 70 years old so were thankful that the company that delivered the sauna offloaded it and moved it into our garage so we could start the assembly process. We took our time, checked all components, moved it in several pieces into our house and were able to assemble it without any trouble. It fit together perfectly and it worked immediately. We did have a separate 20 amp, 120 volt circuit installed and that is a must for safety and correct operational reasons. We now set the temperature at 120-125 degrees F and stay in for about 45 minutes. It is such a great product, especially the way that you never touch the heating elements because all are covered with plenty of wooden strips. Again, we appreciate a great product by a professional company.
This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

John S. on 12/4/2015

December 2015

We got our Durango sauna 1 month ago and have been enjoying it so much! Service and delivery were awesome and we think you guys really rock! Thank you so much!

Mikey G.
Fraser, CO

November 2015

Superior company! Excellent customer support. They are a United States based company that never leave you hanging on hold. They answer your call prompty, and if they need to return your call, they do so in a timely manner. If you have any concerns regarding your purchase you are never given the run around. I wish that more companies were this honest, considerate and knowledgeable about their products. They are there for you from the minute you inquire about their saunas, to years after you’ve made your purchase.
This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

Clifford K. on 11/7/2015

November 2015

This message is just to say how much we like our Durango sauna that we purchased earlier this year (2015).

We are over 70 years old so were thankful that the company that delivered the sauna offloaded it and moved it into our garage so we could start the assembly process. We took our time, checked all components, moved it in several pieces into our house and were able to assemble it without any trouble. It fit together perfectly and it worked immediately.

We did have a separate 20 amp, 120 volt circuit installed and that is a must for safety and correct operational reasons. We now set the temperature at 120-125 degrees F and stay in for about 45 minutes.

It is such a great product, especially the way that you never touch the heating elements because all are covered with plenty of wooden strips. Again, we appreciate a great product by a professional company.

John & Trudi S.
Hot Springs Village, AR.

October 2015

Hi Todd and Mike,

I wanted to tell you that I received the towel rack for my Colorado Sauna this morning. I only spoke with you three days ago and its here; further evidence that I chose the right company to purchase my Sauna. I’ve had my Colorado for about three weeks now and am completely pleased. I’ve been slowly getting acclimatized to the sauna regimen as per your instructions, a little longer and hotter with each session. Each new experience is better than the previous.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching IR saunas. I wanted to make sure that I not only got a reliable product but that I could contact the company if I had a request (i.e. an extra towel rack) or a problem. Rocky Mountain Saunas always came to the fore when I looked at quality and service. As a family owned and operated business with excellent credentials, I know you will stand behind your product and I am so comfortable that I made the right decision. Thanks to you and also to Mike Toney for answering all my questions and concerns about my purchase.

Peter P.
St. Paul, MN

September 2015


I’ve had my Colorado sauna for 1/2 a year now and have been VERY happy with it. It took me a couple of weeks to acclimate to it (i.e. sweat), but now the faucet is on when I use it :). I find I don’t even really need to let it heat up before hand to be effective. I got it primarily to help with aches and pains associated with Lyme as well as the hope that the elevated temp will help kill the bacteria, but I just enjoy the experience, I’m certainly less stressed afterwards, and feel fantastic in general afterwards.*

A couple comments- The sauna arrived well packaged, I’m glad I pulled in a couple of friends to help me assemble it, but it was pretty straight forward. The impact on my electrical bill is minimal – we are still rated very good in power conservation by the electric company.

I rarely communicate with the companies where I get things, let alone when everything is working well! However, I really value the sauna and how I’m feeling now that I’ve been using it. I make time to use it even in the summer when there are so many outdoor things to do and even when it’s super hot. It’s been a good investment. (And my wife is happy that it isn’t collecting dust now that the novelty of using it is over!)


— Matt V.
Norfolk, MA

August 2015

I spoke at length with Todd Henson today. I told him that I think most highly of Rocky Mountain Saunas
because of how I have been treated following the purchase of my sauna, the Rio Grande.
I mentioned that I wanted to add my personal testimonial to the many that are found on your web site.

Here it is and I am happy to laud the praises of one of the best companies I have ever dealt with
…and I am 73 with a lot of experience with companies sell their product and then forget you exist.

Several years ago, I purchased the Rio Grande model sauna. I love the product and wanted to let you know that I would recommend Rocky Mountain Saunas for anyone who is contemplating the purchase of a sauna. First, your product is state of the art, exceptionally put together, so easy to install, and works like a champ. I expect it will give me many years of healthy and happy service.

The other reason I am so happy with Rocky Mountain Saunas is the level of careful and considered technical assistance and support I have received from the staff. It has been phenominal. I have had several opportunities to seek advice regarding an issues involving my sauna, including how to ensure my sauna functions well after moving it from the temperate climate of MO to the tropical heat of FL in the Fall of 2014.

Their response was quick and resolute. Their show of support to me is exceptional and stands out in these times when the promise of support and technical assistance prior to a sale is a promise never adequately met by most companies.

Jim L.

July 2015

First of all I want to say Thank You to all the Rocky Mountain Sauna Family. You guys have been superb to work with. When I was researching saunas I found your website and it was excellent! There was so much there I didn’t know. I was just looking for something to warm arthritic bones and you showed me a way to a healthier me. I am looking forward to that in the future!

Purchasing was easy, shipping was great. They even put the pallet in the garage! From phone calls to emails to assembling, everything was easy and perfect. You were never “pushy” just to make a sale, and that was important to me. I am hoping we don’t need it, but the warranty is “icing on the cake.” It is a good feeling to know that I am working with a family business that cares about it’s customers!

Scott and Sandy.    Sioux City, IA

July 2015

Mike – I love love my sauna.. Thank you so much, I have been going to one off and on for a year – and this sauna is far better. I can stay in it 45 minutes. I drink a lot of water with electrolyte tables and take power magnesium and vitamin C… Thank you for being a caring company. I will tell everyone about you.

Rhonda P.
Saltillo, MS

June 2015

Yes, my Sauna arrived yesterday afternoon.
We loaded it up in a trailer, took it to my house, downstairs to my new office, and later last night set it up, and used it.



Dwight H/ Bismarck ND

February 2015

We purchased the Big Bear sauna in order to seat up to four. The red wood option is helpful as the sauna is outdoors, but under the cover of a patio. The staff was terrific, the shipping was free to Asheville, NC and set-up quite easy with two people. The walls are the thickest in the industry, according to RMS, but we wrapped the sauna for added insulation in the winter. The sauna gets to 135 degrees in about 30 minutes. It is a first rate quality build with a lifetime warranty. Definitely recommend this company if you are looking for a quality sauna. We use it daily.

Andrea H.
Asheville, NC

January 2015

We have had our Durango Home Sauna for about 18 months-love, love, love it. Everything you read on this website is 1000% true. Excellent product, superior customer service, delivery instructions are exactly as described, it was delivered to our Florida home with no hassles or surprises. My wife (59) and I (65) were able to assemble (and cut the cardboard up for recycling) our sauna in about 2 hours. We had no trouble reading through the instructions.

For a couple, the Durango is the perfect size. The CD player/radio is a wonderful addition. Did I say superior customer service-your phone calls or e-mails are answered very promptly (not many days later). We found this company by perusing the internet. We had no references and no unit to look at-we just read other customer testimonials. We have never regretted our investment to improve our health.

Cliff and Virginia
The Villages, FL

January 2015


We created a lower level bathroom in our northern Michigan log home including a Rocky Mountain Colorado hemlock sauna. Our lower level bath had been planned “on paper” for ten years, since our home was built and we were now to the point of creating it. We always planned to use a different sauna company, but expense and size constraints became a stumbling block.

So in our search for a sauna, we discovered Rocky Mountain Saunas. After an informed phone call with yourself, Mike Toney, we made the purchase and built the bathroom literally around the sauna. My husband and I actually put the sauna together without difficulty, thanks to both the video and detailed written instruction. We use the sauna regularly and find the size perfect for us as a couple or individually wonderful as well. Our guests will also love our new lower level bathroom in the snowy north. Please see attached photos of our new bath.

Sally O.
Harbor Springs, MI

December 2014

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love my sauna. I have been using it almost daily for a month and my arthritis has improved dramatically. Not to mention I have more energy and actually sleep through the night for the first time in many years.*

I’m 44 years old and was having trouble putting my own socks on due to lower back pain, now it is easy. My physical therapist has noticed a huge improvement in the amount of movement that I have in my back and the difference in my flexibility.*

Jodi M.
Woodruff, WI

December 2014

Buying a sauna is a large financial investment, but so is investing in one’s health. My husband was searching for joint pain relief after working construction for 48 years and I wanted the overall health benefits of an infrared sauna.
We decided on Rocky Mountain Saunas for numerous reasons: The Fair Price, The Lifetime Warranty and the Free Shipping!!!

From the step by step instructional video & easy set up to the actual benefits of our Colorado Sauna – we couldn’t be happier! Along with offering a relaxing & yet vigorous experience, my husband looks forward, after a hard day at work, to relaxing while enjoying relief from joint pain in our sauna. I have found an additional benefit: whenever I catch a cold virus, I find that the heat soothes my sinuses & gives over all comfort!*

Last fall, our grown daughter asked if she could stop by & try our sauna for a couple of days, she loved it so much , she asked her husband for one for Christmas & now we are a Rocky Mountain Sauna Family!

After owning our Rocky Mountain Colorado Sauna for two years now, we don’t know which is better – the sauna or their excellent customer service – we give them both a five star rating!

Mishawaka, IN

December 2014

bora boraOur visit to Tahiti 8 years ago for our 40th wedding anniversary now becomes an almost daily visit. It feels wonderful warm and brings back awesome memories!
Thanks for all your help. Happy Thanksgiving!

Del & Gerda
Sulphur, TX

November 2014

We love our Sauna! We are so glad we did our homework, shopped around and decided to go with Rocky Mountain Saunas! It was EASY to put together and the quality and workmanship is excellent! We followed the instructions you sent us to show us how use it properly. We have been enjoying our sauna for 2 days now! We are already referring your website to family and friends!

Lori W.
Souix Falls, SD

November 2014

Just wanted to let you know that we are totally happy customers and love, love, love the sauna!!

Thank you for making this a totally enjoyable experience!!

Sam & Donna H.
Greeley, CO

Paradise, Life is Great IMG_20141120_161253_404Hey Guys,

October 2014

Hi Rocky Mountain people… Just a quick update. I am back to regular sauna sessions after being sauna-less two months in Minnesota. Interesting… my sauna has morphed into a sauna/meditation center. Love it even more now… especially after doing without it for a couple of months.

Judy B.
Summer Lake, Oregon

July 2014

Rocky Mountain Saunas,
We’ve had our sauna for a couple of years and love it (someone using it most every day)! In fact, we’ve recommended you to my sister and i think she’s ready to purchase.

Thanks from a satisfied customer!
Steve T.
Pfafftown, NC

June 2014


Our sauna arrived at 12:30 p.m. today… unscathed. We installed it and again… the sauna and the two of us remained unscathed. We took our first sauna at 4:30 p.m. and ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR ROCKY MOUNTAIN SAUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the good advice, service and great product…
Judy and Tony B.
Summer Lake, OR

May 2014


We received the sauna, installed / assembled it last night, fully operational.

We love it!

Rock Island, TN

May 2014


The sauna is installed. I used it for the first time. I am a very satisfied customer!

Thank you,

Holland Mi

April 2014

For the third time in the last six mo. A sauna session knocked my cold down about 80%.
My malaise improved from 3 on a scale of 10 (barely functional)
Up to 7-8 all day today.*
Congestion almost gone(
Clinkers and coughing greatly reduced*
Sinus pain and need for drugs and ibuprofen gone. Took no drugs after 6pm last night.*
Really notable and remarkable.

I love my Rocky Mountain Sauna!
Aurora, CO

March 2014

Hi Mike,
I purchased a Colorado 2 person cedar sauna from you about 2 years ago. Just wanted to let you know you have a happy customer. Following your video instructions it was easy to assemble outside under the Lanai, which is attached to the pool deck. It still works perfect and the stereo still sounds great. Use it about 5 times a week and following a 30 minute session, it’s right into the pool. You talk about refreshing-fantastic.
I’m 65 and this is such great therapy! It was worth every penny.
Thanks Again,
Les P


December 2013

Good Morning.

I spoke with Todd on Friday, the 27th about a failed reset switch on my sauna. Much to my surprise, the new switch showed up in Monday’s mail.

All is well and the sauna works fine. Excellent, polite and fast service. Much appreciated.

Bruce H.
Lenoir City, Tn

November 2013

Thanks for keeping up with us, Mike.
We love our Sauna, and use it every day. Sometimes several times a day. It so thoroughly flushes toxins we are convinced it’s keeping Roger’s transplanted liver healthy. In fact, his enzyme levels have declined this year.* Thanks for this fantastic product!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Roger and Heidi C.

November 2013

Hey Tony, Todd and Mike,
It’s Charlotte out in California. Got the gazebo built over my Orion spa. It came out great! Here are some pictures.

gillette orionI would love to go on record on your website and share the wonderful benefits of your infrared sauna. First I’d like to say I’m very OCD and I spent six months researching saunas before deciding on yours. In my early forties I had four surgeries on my wrists and then spent three and a half years in a wheelchair.

I then spent two years at LMU and became a Yoga Therapist. So my healing, as well as others, is very important to me.

I am 56 now and for more than a decade I have faithfully gone to the gym every other day. I use their sauna for 30 minutes and then cardio for 45 minutes in the swimming pool.

GYM SAUNAS DON’T COME CLOSE TO THE PAIN RELIEF I FEEL AFTER AN INFRARED SESSION! I can feel the heat go inside my body and just push the pain out! My stretching feels more healing than ever. Also my weight is easier to maintain.*

Also a shout out to your customer service,.. there’s always a person on the other end of the line. So refreshing. I’m canceling my gym. Wish all the clients I’ve had over the years could have their own infrared saunas.

God bless your family and your company,


September 2013

Ahhhhh. Just got out of my Durango! So much better now after my first 2 very long 12 hour shifts post rotator cuff surgery. Thank you RMS!

Pat R.

July 2013

Hi Mike-

I am writing this letter to tell people about the results my wife and I are receiving from going in our infrared sauna.  We purchased the Colorado 2 seat sauna.

I used to get sick about about every other month and had to go on powerful antibiotics because we do water damage for a living and are exposed to mold and mildew all the time.  We go in about 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time and the results are phenomenal!!  It literally keeps your body healthy and resists colds and flu.  I used to get around anyone that was sick and catch it every time.  Not anymore!! * I could not be happier with this product.

Satisfied Customer
Donnie J.

June 2013

I love my Durango it has changed my life. Thank you.


May 2013

Question: What has your Sauna done for you today?
Answer: Helps me live PAIN FREE!!!!*
Love my Rocky Mountain Sauna!!!!!
Wanda S.

 April 2013

Nancy and I want to tell you how pleased we are with our Rio Grande sauna and your responsiveness!

We put the sauna in our cold, bare basement. After using the sauna daily, it made no sense to have this beautiful sauna in this basement. So we are finishing the basement, complete with lounge area, bar and exercise room, where the sauna will be.

Nancy and I are in our early 70s, but it is not too late to enjoy life – and the sauna helps!

PS After my brother Jim saw our sauna, he ordered the same one and we installed it in his home. We were stunned to receive the referral check and never anticipated this! We gave Jim half of the amount. Thank you so much for this!

Mario L.

 April 2013

Hello Mike,

Hope you are doing great! I have had my little sauna now 4 months and love it. My health has gradually taken a turn for the better and I am no longer dependent on long term meds for thyroid which I never thought would happen!*
All the best…

Leslie C.

 March 2013

I have installed my sauna and have been using it at least 2 – 3 times per week for 30 – 45 minutes per session. It is a great sauna, and I’m very glad I got it from you.

The carrier that you had deliver it to me was very helpful. He had a lift gate and after getting it onto the ground used his pallet jack to move it into my garage. Assembly was not difficult.

Thank you for the great product and excellent quality of service.

T. Ross

March 2013

Just had my first sauna! Love love love it! So glad we went with the bigger unit. Can’t wait to work up to full hour sessions! Gotta run…off to snowshoe and enjoy this beautiful day! Thanks RMS.

 February 2013

On Sunday, February 24th, after my sauna stopped working (first time this has happened after 2.5 years of nearly daily use), I called the service department at at 8:30am EST. Within 10 minutes your service representative, Robert, returned the call. Robert walked me through the potential problems and directed me to a reset button located at the top of the unit. After hitting the reset button my sauna is working perfectly.

I wanted to thank Rocky Mountain Saunas in general, and Robert in particular for responding quickly, diagnosing the problem, and offering a pleasant and professional service. Our sauna is one of the best investments we have ever made! Thank you.

Rees L.

November 2012

We received our Sauna – put it together immediately and jumped in. It is wonderful.

Thanks for your great service and Sauna.


September 2012

Just wanted to let you know we LOVE our sauna!! Thank you

Bob & Jackie

July 2012

Todd & Mike:

I never thought I would be sending such a heartfelt attaboy for something I bought.

We have used our new Durango almost every second day since it was installed last month, and my wife & I both feel so well and refreshed as a result. I had a great massage earlier today, and would recommend the sauna for pre-or-post treatment. Since it was delivered over a month ago, we or guests have used it almost every day. We had lots of visitors this weekend from all over the country (CA to DC), and all raved about the sauna. All loved the ability to choose your own chromotherapy light color which is rare with similarly-priced units. They all found your other options easy to learn & operate (time-temp-sound).

Guess the main thing I want to convey is my appreciation for your honest information both on your thorough website & when we spoke on the fone both pre & post installation. The quality of the product and installation leaves nothing undone. All that you said would happen has happened, from the quality delivery and installation to the minor speaker warranty response to my revised snap cover request. When promised.

If I can ever give more of a recommendation for your product, honesty in pricing and sincerity of selling it, let me know.

Ron C. In Colorado

 June 2012

Dear Mike-

I adore my sauna. I have had it since Jan. 2012 as my 50th birthday gift. 5 months later, I want to share my results. I have no more weird body odor that I have carried around all my life. I have no aches and pains….. Period…. None! I had chronic neck pain, I feel just from daily stress. It always hurt, I can say now, it never hurts. My skin is glowing and people tell me so. My cellulite is almost gone, and people tell me I look like I have been working out! Hahahah sitting in my sauna! I can tell you I have not had one sniffle or sickness since I have been using it. I travel to the Caymans regularly and I was always plagued with fever blisters when I went. I haven’t had one fever blister since I have started using it. I would not hesitate to purchase another unit from you, not for one second! This is a really important part of starting my day!!!!! I will never be without an infrared sauna in my home.*

Thank you so much!

Blanche — Houston. TX.

P.S. my husband thought it was some hoax thing I was buying, we fight over who goes first now. He uses it all the time as well!

March 2012


We ordered our Malibu Sauna in January and got it in about a week. The installation was a breeze. We got the cover about a week later.

You were so helpful on answering all our questions and helping us make a choice in the sauna we needed, thank you.

I feel so much better

  1. I had a water retention problem. I told the doctors that when I walked or exercised that I would gain weight because I would retain water. Exercise makes me drink more water also. I am a lot overweight and it really made me mad when I would make myself exercise and gain weight. I finally quit exercising.*
  2. I sit in the sauna every night for 1 hour at 125 or 130. I really, really sweat. Now I can exercise without gaining weight. I have started losing weight.*
  3. I had a dry eye problem and I had to take supplements for it. I no longer have to take the supplements for my dry eyes.*
  4.  I had a bad aching problem. I thought the problem started after taking Tamoxifen for breast cancer. I took it for 3 years. I ached from my waist down. Only when I moved. I did not want to go anywhere and didn’t even want to move. After setting in the sauna for just a few 1 hour sessions, I do no ache anymore. I can walk without hurting. The other day when It rained I felt a little tightness but nothing like it was before.*

I love the sauna. I feel like I am a new person.



February 2012

I absolutely love it, after a few days we have already seen changes with pain relief and overall just a great way to detox while relaxed,* I told you I had never been in one before and buying one was just a big step for me (without a testdrive), and you reassured me I would love it, and you are right. I also want to thank you for pulling whatever strings you pulled to get this order to me before the weekend, If the rest of society was as true to there word as you guys it wouldn’t be the world we really live in.

Thank you Mike

Jeff and Family

January 2012

Hi Mike-

Got the sauna last Friday and watching the install video really helped. It was a relatively easy install and getting it out of the boxes was the hardest part. 🙂 Everything works great, it is a fantastic product and I really enjoy it. I have had 5 saunas now and this is the first one that really made me tired like you said it would and getting better with each sauna experience.

It is cool looking………. I’m actually keeping it in my kitchen which made my sister laugh. I was going to put in the garage but I wanted closer. It is really refreshing and I pulled my shoulder on the bench and after 3 sauna sessions and rubbing the knot out while in the sauna I’m almost 100%!!!*


Vince — Northern CA.

December 2011

Another satisfied customer here. I purchased the Malibu sauna for my wife’s Christmas and we are both extremely happy with it. I ordered the unit on Tuesday, it shipped Wednesday and arrived in perfect condition the following Monday. I watched the assembly video and read the instructions beforehand and everything went smoothly. I could not believe how easy it was to assemble. You guys did an amazing job of engineering your product. We assembled it in about an hour, plugged it in and everything works as promised. We could not be happier with your product.

Jesse P. – Sherman, TX.

September 2011


Every time I see something from Rocky Mountain Saunas it makes me smile. As you know my wife and I just completed our new home on Lake Lanier in Georgia. It is a beautiful home and we love it. Without a doubt, the best two features are the outdoor pizza kitchen and our beautiful Rocky Mountain Sauna. We use the sauna almost every night. We find that we both get a great night’s sleep if we use it about 30 min before we go to bed.*

Thank you folks for all the support and assistance
Chip – Flowery Branch, GA.