Infrared Sauna FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Far Infrared Saunas

Infrared light is a particular bandwidth/ frequency of sunlight. This infrared light energy is divided into three spectrums: Near, Medium and Far infrared, which are defined by frequency ranges measured in small wavelengths called microns.
The far infrared light spectrum measures from 4 microns to 1000 microns. Far Infrared Sauna heater panels are designed to reproduce a specific bandwidth of light energy that perfectly matches the exact frequency at which the human body emits and absorbs the maximum amount of light energy. (7-14 microns) .. much like your TV being tuned to a certain channel.  This channel of far infrared light is able to safely heat the human body directly without creating high air temperatures in the sauna cabin.
The 7-14 micron bandwidth of Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) energy achieves the maximum penetration into body tissues and produces a unique vibration at the cellular level called Resonant Absorption. The process of Resonant Absorption helps to create physical and chemical changes within the human body that have proven to be most beneficial for numerous health problems.
Yes, Absolutely Safe! Far infrared heat is a form of radiant energy. The sun is an example of the principle source of infrared radiant energy that we experience on a daily basis. All human bodies absorb, as well as emit, infrared radiant energy. Infrared Sauna heat emitters produce a specific bandwidth of radiant energy that matches the vibrational frequency of the human body. This process is also known as resonant absorption. No harmful UV rays are emitted. Rocky Mountain Saunas are the GREENEST, SAFEST infrared sauna available in the USA.
You will find that infrared sauna vs traditional sauna heating systems are much different than you would expect. Traditional, (hot rock and steam), use Hot Air, or Convection Heat to warm the body. The cabin air temperatures inside a traditional sauna range from 160 degrees F to 200 degrees F. These high air temperatures make traditional sauna use unpleasant for many people, since they can produce feelings of claustrophobia, difficulty in breathing and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Nano Carbon Sauna Panels vs Ceramic Rods in Infrared Saunas

An infrared heat emitter can only be as efficient as its total surface area. The Carbon panels in our commercial and personal infrared saunas cover a very large surface area and are able to provide an even infrared coverage over the entire body and have a surface area total of 27 square feet, in a two person sauna.Typical ceramic emitters have a very small surface emission area, totaling a few square inches. 

Infrared Sauna Surface Temperature

  • Ceramic heat emitters reach surface temperatures in excess of 400 degrees F in order to produce far infrared energy.  This type of emitter is neither safe nor comfortable.
  • Nano-Carbon™ panels have a surface temperature of 125 – 145 degrees F and you can lean right up against the backrest, about an inch from the panel surface, and be safe and relaxed.

Infrared Sauna Panel Life Expectancy

  • Ceramic heat emitters have a short life expectancy of  3 – 6 years, on average.
  • Nano-Carbon™ panels are extremely durable and have a life expectancy of 75 years, on average.

The cabin air temperature in a far infrared sauna plays a supporting role.

The cabin air temperature in a traditional sauna (hot rock/steam) is the driving force.

 Since far infrared saunas heat the body directly using Radiant Heat, the light energy penetrates the body more deeply that hot air heat.

 The infrared light/heat in your personal infrared sauna is able to raise the core temperature of the body more effectively than hot air.

 Far infrared saunas heat much more body mass than traditional saunas and will produce significantly more sweat volume.

 Far infrared sauna heat is thought to be up to seven times more efficient at detoxifying and purging your body of heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, etc. Also nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, un-metabolized carbon and nitrogen compounds from air pollution and a host of other environmental toxins, as well as fatty deposits.

 It is recommended that when your sauna reaches 85-90F, that you begin your sauna session and let your body warm up gradually, along with the sauna cabin air temperature that is rising steadily to your desired temperature setting.

At a cabin air temperature of 90F, our Nano-Carbon™ panels are already radiating all the far infrared light that your body can absorb.

You can get just as much total health benefit with a cabin air temperature of 115F, as you can at 135F, when you use an infrared sauna.  So you can regulate the sauna cabin air temperature to find out where You are most comfortable and yet still sweating profusely. The desired temperature setting will vary with each individual’s preference.

Infrared sauna efficiency and healing power is Not a temperature driven technology !   Hotter is not better !

All Rocky Mountain Sauna models come equipped with a 30 hour, pre-set timer function, so, if you wish, you can have the sauna automatically set at your desired operating temperature , at the exact time when you are ready begin your session.  Convenient and Time Saving Feature.

 Note * Operating sauna at above 140F will void your warranty.

Can I Get a Cedar Sauna?

Rocky Mountain Saunas uses only the very highest grades of Hemlock and Western Red Cedar in the fabrication of all our infrared sauna kits.  Center cut, tongue and groove construction and Internationally Certified to be safe, non-toxic, non-outgassing.

“Clear All Heart” is the actual lumber classification.  It contains virtually no knots and is taken from the heart of the tree. This lumber has the highest amount of natural preservatives.

We use a proprietary herbal formula to cure and kiln dry our woods.  NO chemicals, pesticides or drying agents are ever used in the preparation of our woods.  All sealants are organic, water based, non-toxic, non-outgassing. You can be sure your home sauna is as safe as can be.

Whether you get a sauna using Hemlock or a Cedar sauna, at 8mm thickness, Rocky Mountain Saunas’ walls are almost twice as thick as the industry standard.  Built to hold up under the wide temperature swings a far infrared sauna needs to endure, without warping and bowing.

Do I need special electrical wiring for an infrared sauna?

The Colorado Sauna is designed to plug into a standard household outlet: 110V/ 15 amps. So there are no unusual sauna electrical requirements for this home sauna.

The circuit should be “dedicated” while the sauna is in use. Normally, no electrical modification is needed to be able to use this model in your home.

Sauna Electrical Requirements for Our Larger Infrared Saunas

The Durango and Rio Grande Saunas require a Dedicated 110 volt / 120 volt 20 amp circuit.

Required Electrical outlet: NEMA 5-20. Please Click Below for the NEMA 5-20 Installation

The Big Bear Sauna Requires a 220V Outlet

The Big Bear Sauna, our 4 person sauna, requires a 220V/ 20amp outlet. We recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to install a dedicated outlet for proper adherence to Rio Grande, Durango and Big Bear sauna electrical requirements.

Please see our Instruction Manual for details regarding proper wall outlet requirements.

We are happy to talk to you about the sauna electrical requirements for your new personal infrared sauna, as well as advising you on any other technical questions you may have. Please call toll free at 1-888-358-1270 during regular business hours for a free consultation.

Cleaning an Infrared Sauna is Easy

Clean the interior of your personal infrared sauna often to keep a fresh and well maintained appearance.

  • Periodically, vacuum your home sauna floor and bench areas with a crevice tool to remove hair and dirt.
  • Use a diluted solution of white vinegar and water on a damp cloth or sponge to wipe sweaty areas like seat and backrests. (5 or 6 tablespoons to one pint of water to disinfect)
  • Then wipe down again with a clean damp sponge/ cloth.
  • Leave door of the sauna open until vinegar odor dissipates.

Cleaning Precautions

  • Avoid heavy detergents as they can discolor your wood or leave a residue, which could emit irritating or harmful fumes.
  • Do not use too much water on your cloth/ sponge as the wood will tend to turn dark.
  • Never hose down the interior or exterior of an infrared sauna.
  • Never apply paint, stain or other chemical finishes or sealants to the interior of your sauna. The heat from your infrared sauna may cause the surface to become too hot to the touch or cause toxic fumes to be released.

Although you don’t need to be overly cautious about getting sweat on the surfaces of your home sauna kit, before sitting or reclining on benches, place a few layers of towels on the bench seat to absorb perspiration. You may also use a single towel to cover the floor panel to minimize sweat drop accumulation on floor heater panel. No worries, you’ll feel the heat coming through the towel.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about cleaning your sauna that are not covered here. We love to hear from our customers.

Saunas Built to Last a Lifetime

Rocky Mountain Saunas builds home saunas that are truly built to last a lifetime and all our saunas are covered by the best infrared sauna warranty in the business, which is a Limited Lifetime Warranty on defects in workmanship or material and ALL electrical and interior components

(BlueTooth FM Tuner/USB Player carries a 1 year replacement warranty)   All warranty and customer service is personally managed by Rocky Mountain Saunas.

  • A Colorado/ two person model will cost 5 -10 cents per hour to operate, depending on the kilowatt/hour rate in your area.
  • Durango and Rio Grande / three person models will use from 9 -14 cents per hour of electrical consumption.
  • Big Bear / four person model will use 14 – 20 cents per hour of electrical consumption.

All these costs are literally pennies on the dollar compared to the electrical cost of hot rock and steam saunas.

Installation of our saunas was designed to be quick and easy

All Rocky Mountain Sauna models are easily assembled, using two people.  A Phillips screwdriver is the only tool required.

Only 16 furniture bolts are required for most models. These furniture bolts are installed through pre-drilled holes into metal anchor caps inside the walls of your sauna kit.  This is a simple system, yet very strong and sturdy.

On a two person model there are (8) 120V, 3-prong connections, color-coded as needed.  Two ribbon connectors and one two pin connection in the roof cap and you are good to go.

In a drop down list, under FAQ in our navigation system, you will find online assembly instruction manuals; and clients receive a hard copy installation manual with their infrared sauna.


You have many options to pay for your new infrared sauna

Rocky Mountain Saunas accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards.

We also accept Cashier’s or Personal check and PayPal.

So, as you can see, your new personal sauna is easier than ever to purchase!

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Your pre-fab sauna will be shipped via FedEx Freight with a flat rate charge for delivery.

Ordinarily, your pre-fab sauna will be shipped directly from our Denver, CO distribution warehouse within 3-5 business days of receiving your confirmed order.

Rocky Mountain Saunas uses state of the art packaging to ensure safe arrival of your infrared sauna. Your personal sauna is packaged in 3 heavy duty cartons. 

The cartons are turned up on the long edge of the boxes and placed on a custom built pallet, not laid down flat.

Whether you purchase a one person infrared sauna, two person infrared sauna, a three person infrared sauna, or a four person sauna, for additional protection the three cartons are “clad” with ½ inch ply board on all four sides, then shrink wrapped.  The shrink wrapped cartons are then metal banded to the pallet.  

Coast to coast delivery time for pre-fab saunas is usually 5 business days.

RMS will provide you with tracking information as soon as your home sauna is shipped.

*Flat Rate Shipping is valid within Contiguous US.  Select Cities within the Contiguous US and Shipping outside the lower 48 states will have additional shipping and crating costs.  Call for details.*

When You Buy an Infrared Sauna from Us You Get

  • 100% Green Product
  • Factory Direct Pricing  *  RMS designs, manufactures and ships your far infrared sauna.
  • Flat Rate shipping in the Contiguous USA.
  • Safest and best quality sauna anywhere, at any price.
  • Grade One, center cut lumber with virtually no knots.  Thickest walls in the infrared sauna industry.
  • Japanese manufactured Nano-Carbon heater panels.
  • Handcrafted workmanship: Thick double walls, crown molding & Full tempered glass doors.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all materials and components of your personal sauna.
  • Family owned and operated for superior customer service.
  • More standard features on our two person sauna, three person infrared sauna, or our four person saunas.
  • Highest security for all your personal information.  It is never sold or shared.
  • #1 Safety Rating:  ISO 9001, ETL, CE, RoHS Internationally Certified.

All of our Infrared Saunas Include the Following Standard Features:

Safe EMF Shielded Wiring

ZERO Rated EMF Nano-Carbon™ heater panels

Quick and easy infrared sauna assembly using furniture bolts through pre-drilled holes

Large Flush Floor Designed Heater Panels

EZ lock system with no unsightly clips or buckles

Inside and outside soft touch control panels

Luxury light package in our far infrared saunas

Chromo-Max™ Chromotherapy lights

Ergonomic vertical dowel back rests

Oxygen Ionizer in our commercial saunas

BlueTooth FM Tuner/USB Player

Cup holders and towel rack in your personal sauna

Completely portable: easily disassembled and moved

Beautiful Smoked glass doors and windows

Plugs into 110V (220V for 5 person sauna)

Lower leg and floor heating panels

Adjustable Ceiling Vents

Magnetic Door Latch

Heavy Duty Glass Door Hinges

The sauna will be delivered on a 4 ft. X 6 ft. pallet.  Two (2) people are required to safely break down the pallet and to carry the sauna panels to it's installation location.

Tools needed will include:

  • A cordless drill (for Durango/Rio Grande or Big Bear) to remove the wood screws holding the 2 X 4 framing
  • A razor blade or metal band cutters (or pliers) to remove the metal banding straps and shrink wrapping

Once the sauna has been delivered curbside, it will be easiest to get the sauna safely into your home by following these instructions:  

  1. Breakdown the pallet.
  2. Carefully lay all three (3) cartons flat on the ground with the RMS logo facing upward. Use a razor blade or scissors to cut and remove the green banding straps off of each carton (Box A/B/C). Dispose of the green banding straps in a separate trash bag to keep them contained and out of the way
  3. Start with Box C (roof cap, floor base, bench(es), hardware box and door handle: remove the top of the carton and set it aside. Two people should carry the floor base and roof cap one piece at a time to the location the sauna will be assembled.  Having two people carry each piece ensures the sauna will not get damaged and prevents the possibility of injury. This box also contains the hardward box and the door handle box.  Do not throw away the packing until all of the parts have been accounted for.
  4. Carefully open Box B (the side walls): and repeat the same steps as above. 
  5. Carefully open Box A (front and back walls): and repeat the same steps as #3.

It is recommended to store all of the boxes (with the packing), pallet and 1/2" press boards until you have called in for orientation.  Once orientation has been completed, you may choose to keep your boxes or dispose of them.

Rocky Mountain Saunas Represents the Ultimate Value in Infrared Saunas.

Thank you for visiting our infrared sauna website and reading these sauna faqs. We provide detailed information and inside/out views of every model and feature on our commercial and home infrared sauna products. Zero Rated EMF Heater Panels = the largest and most Carbon Heater Panels in every model = maximum results in less time.

Precision Handcrafted Quality in a Commercial Grade Sauna at Affordable, Factory Direct Prices.

Rocky Mountain Saunas offers Standard Features like Zero Rated EMF Heater Panels, LED Chromotherapy Light System, flush floor designed heating panel, bronze smoked privacy glass, multiple safety certifications, handcrafted workmanship, and ergonomic vertical dowel backrests. Standard features on all models include: EMF shielding wiring,  upgraded BlueTooth FM Tuner / USB Player and 7" speakers, and deluxe crown molding at competitive prices. More standard features, limited lifetime warranty, flat rate shipping within the contiguous US! We provide accurate, up to date information on everything from infrared technology to documented medical studies regarding specific health issues. From proper woods for infrared sauna construction to personalized tips for improved infrared sauna results. Thank you for considering our firm for your sauna order.

Rocky Mountain Saunas Control Panel for 2020 Models

Timer Display Box

Default setting displays in minutes the time for the sauna session. Maximum time setting is 90 minutes. 

Default setting also will display the temperature for the sauna session.  Maximum temperature is 149°F.

Within the Timer Display Box multiple icons will appear depending on what items are in use.  Icon descriptions are as follows:

Blinking Sun = heater panels are heating

RT = Real Time (temperature and timer)

Big Circle with little circle under it = Interior lights are on

Circle with light bulb in it = Exterior lights are on

Set of circles = Chromotherapy light is on

Set = time and temp are in the process of being set by the user

Volume bars = volume of music is being adjusted by the user

USB = USB is in use

FM = radio is in use

Pause/Play = press play/pause while in FM mode to change radio station presets

1. Increase Button #1

When in temperature control mode, press to raise sauna temperature.  Press and hold for three seconds to change temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

When in radio mode, use to search radio stations.

When in BT/USB mode use to change song preferences. 


2. Decrease Button #1

When in temperature control mode, press to lower sauna temperature.  Press and hold for three seconds to change temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. 

When in radio mode, use to search radio stations.

When in BT/USB mode use to change song preferences.


3. Increase Button #2

When in time mode, press to increase the number of minutes for the sauna session.

When in radio/BT/USB mode, press to increase speaker volume.  A “U” will appear in the display box with a number next to it corresponding to the level of sound the stereo is current set to.  Volume ranges from 0-40.


4. Decrease Button #2

When in time mode, press to decrease the number of minutes for the sauna session.

When in radio/BT/USB mode, press to lower speaker volume.  A “U” will appear in the display box with a number next to it corresponding to the level of sound the stereo is current set to.  Volume ranges from 0-40.


5. Play/Pause

In USB mode, press the Play/Pause button to pause song playback

In radio mode, press to change the radio station


6. Mod (Short for Mode)

Press "Mod" button to change the display from the default setting of temperature/timer to the music mode setting.  Select music function of FM/USB/Bluetooth.

Pressing "Mod" button once will change the mode to FM Tuner first.  It will default to the radio station 98.5.

If a Bluetooth connection has been set up, pressing the Mode button a second time will engage the paired device.

If a USB Drive has been inserted into the Control Panel, pressing the Mode button a third time will engage the USB Drive.


7. FM

Press and hold the FM button to scan all radio stations.  Once the scan is complete, the Tuner will start to play based on the lowest numerical radio station found.  Press the Temperature Up and Down buttons to change between the preset stations found.

When music is playing, pressing the FM button will mute the sound.


8. Power Button

Press Power Button to turn sauna on or off.


9. Single Color - Chromotherapy Light Button #1

Press the Single Color button to select an individual chromotherapy light color.  Options are: Red, Green, Blue, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Green/Blue or Red/Green/Blue. 

To turn the light off, press the Multi Color button twice in a row.


10. Multi Color - Chromotherapy Light Button #2

Press the Multi Color button once to have chromotherapy lights cycle through all colors at a quicker pace.  Pressing a second time will cause the light to stop on the current color visible.   Press a third time to turn the chromotherapy light off.


11. Interior Light

Press the Interior Light button to turn the interior lights on and off.


12. Exterior Lights

Press the Exterior Light button to turn the exterior lights on and off.


13. USB Input

Used for music downloaded to a USB jump drive only.  USB port does not support electronic devices. 


14. Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

On the device being paired, go into BT settings and search for nearby devices.

“CAR BT” will be displayed for the sauna – select it

Open the desired music app of your choice to start playing music


While the sauna is in Bluetooth mode, “A2 dP” will be displayed on the control panel

A “BT” icon will also appear in the Timer Display area.

“PH ON” will be displayed while music is “paused”.


When the timer for the sauna reaches zero minutes, the heater panels will automatically shut off and no longer produce heat.  It is recommended to shut the sauna completely off by pressing the Power button once the sauna session is complete.  This will turn off all other electronic devices attached to the sauna.