Installation Manuals

Sauna Installation Manuals

Easy to Install Infrared Saunas Shipped to your Door

All Rocky Mountain Sauna models are easily assembled, using two people.  A Phillips screwdriver is the only tool required. Only 16 furniture bolts are required for most models. This is a simple system, yet very strong and sturdy.

Sauna Installation Manual

On a two person model there are (8) 120V, 3-prong connections, color-coded as needed.  Two ribbon connectors and one two pin connection in the roof cap and you are good to go.

Commercial Sauna Installation Manual

Our saunas are built to the highest quality commercial standards for constant, daily use with solid, double reinforced tongue and groove construction using only water-based adhesives and natural oils for exterior wood finish, resulting in 100% toxic-free construction.

Electrical Requirements

The Colorado Sauna is designed to plug into a standard household outlet: 110V/ 15 amps. So there are no unusual sauna electrical requirements for this home sauna. The circuit should be “dedicated” while the sauna is in use. Normally, no electrical modification is needed to be able to use this model in your home.

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