Terms and Conditions

Please review this agreement and click the button at the bottom of the page to agree and continue. This agreement is between you, the purchaser, and Rocky Mountain Saunas.


I. Rocky Mountain Saunas Lifetime Warranty Rocky Mountain Saunas provides a lifetime warranty on wood components against defective material and/or workmanship of cabinetry. Since the wood used in our infrared saunas has been kiln dried, a certain amount of expansion and contraction occurs in the wood within a sauna environment. This may result in minor cracks, which is considered normal. Rocky Mountain Saunas provides a lifetime warranty on heating elements and electrical components. The CD/DVD/LCD system is covered by its own manufacturers warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty comes standard with all Rocky Mountain Saunas to the original purchaser. Warranty is not transferable between parties.
  • Proof of original purchase must be provided.
  • Warranty Parts and Support
  • Rocky Mountain Saunas will perform all phone support and replacement parts free of charge during the warranty period.
II. Warranty Disclaimers:  Rocky Mountain Saunas uses grade A lumber in our all sauna models. Our saunas are shipped around the globe, and can experience slight blemishes, scratches or scuffs in transit.  All structures using wood are susceptible to minor dents, scratches and scuffing which are not covered by warranty. This is normal and will not affect the integrity, operation or Lifetime Warranty of your sauna.  Wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, even after being manufactured into a sauna. Variations in the color or grain, and irregularities such fine cracks are part of the natural beauty of the wood and in no way should be considered defects. During normal operation, wood may crack slightly due to the changes in moisture level. This will not affect the structural integrity of the sauna. Prior to shipping, the wood is inspected for consistency, color and quality. Our saunas are shipped around the globe, and can experience slight blemishes, scratches or scuffs in transit. In most cases, these blemishes on the exterior of the sauna can be concealed by using a small amount of furniture polish, oil or other furniture treatment. Please avoid any treatment containing Benzene or a high concentration of alcohol. Any interior blemishes, scratches, scuffs or chips can be either left alone, sanded or combination of gluing plus sanding.  Any aesthetic repairs or cosmetic damage compensation will be determined solely by Rocky Mountain Saunas Inc. Outdoor Use Disclaimer: Saunas used in outside locations must have cover purchased from Rocky Mountain Saunas to Maintain the Lifetime Warranty.  Failure to utilize the .004 plastic sheet supplied as additional water protection for your sauna will void your warranty. The fabric used for the roof of the waterproof cover is resistant to water penetration; however it is sewn to the acrylic canvas sides. It is required to place the plastic sheet included directly over the sauna roof prior to installing the cover and placing an object on the sauna roof to give the fabric elevation for water run off as further protection.  Like any wood exposed to the elements, it is required to treat the exterior wood of the sauna to keep it from deteriorating.   The warranty is deemed void if the sauna has been misused, altered or left exposed to the elements of weather and water. III. Liabilities Rocky Mountain Saunas and any of its subsidiaries and/or associates shall not be held responsible for any misuse of the sauna by the customer. Rocky Mountain Saunas shall not be held liable for any damage and/or injury caused by customer misuse of product. Rocky Mountain Saunas and any of its subsidiaries and/or associates do not provide medical guidance or diagnosis. It is always recommended that you contact your physician for advice. IV. Cancellation and Return Policy Buyer may cancel and return the goods to Seller, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy. Buyer shall assume all risk of loss associated with the return as well as shipping, handling, restocking and other fees, costs and expenses as described in this policy. Seller reserves the right to refuse to refund any deposit or payment, or cancel any payment due, and any owing until such time as Seller
  • a) is in receipt of the goods
  • b) has inspected the goods and
  • c) in the Seller's discretion, has found the goods to be free of damage.
All returned goods must be in their original packaging. Seller may refuse to refund all or any portion of any payment, or cancel payment due and owing if the Buyer fails to fully comply with or violates the terms and conditions of this policy. Shipping, Handling and Restocking Fees - All cancelled or returned goods shall be subject to
  • a) storage fees and costs associated with routing the goods
  • b) handling and restocking fee in the amount of $395.00 USD for each sauna
  • c) all shipping costs to and from the Seller and
  • d) Seller providing a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number.
Buyer's failure to obtain the RMA number shall result in Seller not accepting any returned shipment and Buyer paying all costs and fees. All such costs and fees as determined by Seller shall be paid by Buyer to Seller upon demand by Seller.
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