Zero EMF Rated Nano-Carbon Infrared Heater

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All Rocky Mountain Saunas models are Standard Equipped w/ Zero EMF Rated Nano Carbon Infrared Emitter Panels !

Organic Carbon Plate / Nano Technology

There are many types of materials that emit far infrared sauna heat including ceramic, steel, incoloy rods, and carbon. We designed our saunas using organic carbon due to the proven effectiveness and efficiency of carbon.

The human body is composed mostly of oxygen and carbon, so the frequency at which it naturally absorbs far infrared heat is perfectly compatible with the Carbon Heater in an infrared sauna.

Rocky Mountain Saunas Nano Technology, carbon plate heaters do not use wires to conduct far infrared heat. We apply the perfect thickness of ultra-conductive, mineralized carbon to a non-toxic, epoxy resin panel, activated by positive and negative copper strips on either side of the panel. Then the panel of epoxy resin and carbon is sealed by lamination.


High Strength Sealing Layers, EMF shielding Layers with a Nano-Carbon™ Center plate and Reflective foil backing are heat compressed to form a safe and highly efficient far infrared heater panel.

1. Nano Technology, Carbon Plate:

Rocky Mountain Saunas Organic, Nano-Carbon™ heating plate is formed using ultra-small, Nano-carbon™ powder, including 17 proprietary minerals, which are high-temperature pressed with highly insulated circuit materials. When electrical current is passed through this carbon plate, we are able to create the exact far infrared wave length of the human body. I.E. The ideal frequency at which all human bodies receive far infrared light energy.  The energy bandwidth, of 5.6-15 microns of far-infrared light rays, perfectly matches the human body

This radiant infrared energy is very easily absorbed by the human body with dramatic results, when used in a regular health maintenance regimen.

Reflective foil on the back of the Nano-Carbon™ heating plate drives ALL the tuned infrared energy forward into the sauna cabin interior, making this design technology 98% efficient in delivering the maximum amount of radiant heat to your body.

2. Large heating area = maximum absorption:

Scientifically distributed on the heat plate according to the principles of the human meridian, 360-degree surround, radiant heat saturates the human body with warm, gentle waves of far infrared energy.

3. Characteristics of Nano-Carbon:

The low surface temperatures of Nano-Carbon™ panels are Safe and Comfortable. The large surface area of the carbon panels in a 360 degree configuration produces Highly Efficient body exposure and tissue penetration. Our Nano-Carbon™ panels exhibit superior durability. The Life Expectancy of each Nano-Carbon™ panel is 32,000 hours!  (that’s an hour per day of carbon infrared sauna use for the next 80 years!) All of our home personal sauna solutions incorporate Nano-Carbon technology! 

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