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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Saunas, our family owned business, located in the foothills near Golden, Colorado. My name is Mike Henson and I began my career in the infrared sauna industry in 2007 as Marketing Director for a national distributor of infrared saunas. At that time, I began using an infrared sauna in my office to learn more about sauna health benefits through personal experience.

Using a sauna a few times per week, I began to see several changes in my physical and mental physiology. My waist and “spare tire” started shrinking and I was sleeping much better. My energy and stamina levels were noticeably higher. The arthritis pain in my hands and knees was diminished beginning with the first few sessions. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but it was true… the ‘crow’s feet’, forehead creases and facial wrinkles were disappearing and the ‘age spots’ on my forehead and hands began to fade away. I was beginning to look younger and my face had taken on a smooth, healthy glow.

I ‘mellowed out’ considerably and became more able to handle daily business challenges without my usual high levels of frustration and irritation.

New clients began to call and email me with excited personal testimonials about recent health improvements from using their new home infrared saunas.

As I began to study the FIR (far infrared radiant) sauna product history and medical/ scientific research, it became evident that Far Infrared Saunas are a Life Changing Product! From weight loss to real pain relief, from whole body detoxification to clinical therapy use in leading cancer clinics, the results speak for themselves: Simply Amazing!

The first patent for a far infrared heater was issued in 1965 to Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa, of Fuji Medical R & D in Japan. Medical and scientific studies continued to evaluate the health effects of far infrared saunas for 14 more years, before far infrared saunas became available to the general public in 1979.  By 1982 NASA was using FIR in passive cardiovascular workouts for their astronauts and better hospitals in the USA began using FIR heat to keep newborn and premature babies warm.

A safe and effective product

Today, documented medical and scientific evidence covering the past 35 years confirms the safety and effectiveness of infrared sauna therapy. The long list of proven infrared therapy health benefits is indeed remarkable and infrared saunas are rapidly becoming acknowledged, worldwide, as a truly beneficial therapy for proactive health improvement and responsible health maintenance.

In our current worldwide environment of polluted air, over treated, impure tap water and the thousands of chemicals used in food and drink processing, it's no wonder that our bodies are totally overloaded by harmful toxins, heavy metals, carcinogens and pathogens.

With Far Infrared Therapy we can detoxify our bodies and re-establish proper metabolic balance simply, through regular sweating. Detoxification of the entire body is a cornerstone of responsible health maintenance!

Over the past several years, I am proud to have introduced many M.D.'s, Chiropractors, Holistic/ Homeopathic Wellness Practitioners, and health conscious families to the benefits of far infrared technology and Infrared Sauna Therapy.  We take pride in being a prime source of accurate information about 'why and how' Infrared Sauna Therapy works to heal our bodies of so many different negative health issues.

"Rocky Mountain Saunas (Mike Henson * Jessica Henson * Mike Toney * Michelle Bird * Heather Walder) operates with the ‘old fashioned’ Family Approach of personal accountability to you and direct responsibility for your satisfaction with our products and client service."

Rocky Mountain Saunas

I have lived and reared my family in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, west of Denver, for the past 40 years. I am blessed to have three sons and six grandchildren, who live and work in the Denver area.  As a former United States Marine and a Vietnam veteran, I offer you a Marine Corps work ethic and personalized family service. We stand behind all our saunas with an Limited Lifetime Warranty, the most comprehensive guarantee in the sauna industry.

Rocky Mountain Saunas is in the business of helping our clients look better and feel better.  Our personally designed infrared sauna models are the ‘results based’ product we use to accomplish our goal.

Please give us a call or email anytime that we may be of service.  We look forward to serving your needs and earning your business!

In Good Health,

J. Michael Henson
Rocky Mountain Saunas, Inc.
Arvada, Colorado

Clan Henson at Edinburgh Castle 

Rocky Mountain Saunas, Inc. is owned by J. Michael Henson and is a debt free corporation.

Rocky Mountain Saunas is in partnership with of one of the largest manufacturing facilities for infrared saunas in the world.  We are ‘hands on’ involved in the design, manufacture, quality control and distribution of our custom built saunas.

Rocky Mountain Saunas produces an environmentally friendly product that uses no chemicals or drying agents in the curing of its Grade One, Heart Clear lumber.  Zero rated EMF heater panels along with EMF shielded wiring give us a totally safe product to offer our clientele.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest product and business standards in the infrared sauna industry.  


Rocky Mountain Saunas offers you the safest and best quality far infrared sauna available anywhere in the world!

Our manufacturing facilities conform to rigid international laboratory safety and testing standards and have been certified to meet or exceed the most stringent safety qualifications. Our manufacturing partners were granted more than 12 proprietary international patents during the past 15 months.

Rocky Mountain Saunas respects our ongoing customers' needs by seeking their feedback and comments for improvements to our product line. Our research and development team is dedicated to meeting the needs and requests of our clients. We are determined to uphold our stated goal of complete customer satisfaction by continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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