According to an article by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers in Natural News (natural news.com), case studies in Europe provide evidence that ozone therapy may lead to healing in cancer patients.*

Most people familiar with cancer are aware that cancer cells thrive in acidic and oxygen deprived environments.

Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner for his cancer studies, basically states that an oxygen rich environment is toxic to cancer cells.  Based on Dr. Warburg’s premise, it makes common sense that a healing modality that creates an oxygen rich atmosphere may shrink tumors and help heal cancer.

Ozone is a supercharged oxygen molecule (O3 instead of O2) This extra oxygen molecule makes ozone a highly reactive substance with the power to oxidize plaque in the blood pathways, unclog blood vessels and break down acidic pathogens like cancer cells in the body.

Dr. Fen-Hui Chen, DDS, of La Jolla, CA, states that Ozone can strengthen and regulate the immune system. Dr. Chen states that, “All illness is caused by a dysfunctional immune system and as such, ozone combats many diseases such as cancer, autoimmune issues, diabetes and other infections in the body.”*

Ozone Therapy is common practice for cancer therapy in other countries and in Germany, it is covered by health insurance.

Dr. Rilling Beyerle of the German Medical Ozone Society has observed improvements in breast cancer and bone structure healing with ozone treatment. He also noted patients have increased energy levels, strengthening of musculature and reduction of pain.

Using an infrared sauna creates an oxygen rich environment in your blood stream, which can deliver more oxygen to all areas of your body, during the passive cardiovascular workout created by a far infrared sauna session.*

Many medical studies indicate that regular use of an infrared sauna benefits cancer treatment.*

Dr. Desaulniers states that by super-oxygenating your blood stream, you can stimulate the immune system, reduce tumors and create a healing environment for the entire body.*

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers is the author of, “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer” April 6, 2014 and is a personal breast cancer survivor.

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We receive regular referrals from doctors across the USA who recommend infrared saunas to benefit cancer therapy.

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J.M. Henson/ Rocky Mountain Saunas/ 20 April 2017