Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Sauna

What is the difference in heater systems between a Rocky Mountain Infrared Sauna and a traditional sauna?

You will find that infrared sauna vs traditional sauna heating systems are much different than you would expect. Traditional, (hot rock and steam), use Hot Air, or Convection Heat to warm the body.  The cabin air temperatures inside a traditional sauna range from 160 degrees F to 200 degrees F.  These high air temperatures make traditional sauna use unpleasant for many people, since they can produce feelings of claustrophobia, difficulty in breathing and a sense of being overwhelmed. Hot air (traditional) saunas heat the body at the skin level and convection heat does not penetrate the body very deeply. Commercial and personal infrared saunas from Rocky Mountain Saunas use a tuned Radiant Heat to heat the body directly and cabin air temperatures typically range from 110 degrees F to 135 degrees F.   Radiant Heat is absorbed deep into body tissues and causes the body to sweat much more, even though the infrared sauna cabin air temperatures are notably lower than traditional saunas.

Radiant Heat Saunas Produce a pleasant and Relaxing Environment

Scientific and medical studies performed over the past 45 years have documented a long list of health benefits from infrared sauna radiant heat therapy... so when faced with the question of infrared sauna vs traditional sauna investment, our home infrared saunas always come out ahead!