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Explore our site for detailed information on our high quality infrared saunas, for your home or business. With our solid understanding of the correlation between F.I.R. (far infrared, radiant) heat technology, and the many sauna health benefits it produces, you will know why they are invaluable for your health.

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Our customer service is second to none. It's what you would expect from a hands-on, family owned and operated business. The discussion would not be complete without two items that we do for our customers: Flat Rate Shipping, within the contiguous United States, and the best far infrared sauna warranty in the business, a limited lifetime warranty on all electrical components, materials and workmanship.

So what is an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas are the latest technology in saunas. As opposed to the traditional sauna that relied on hot air and steam for heat, infrared saunas utilize large carbon panels, built into the wall structure, that radiate infrared energy waves to warm your body when you are in the sauna. It's a relaxing, dry heat that penetrates deeper into your tissues than a traditional sauna. Learn more about radiant heat

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Choose from several infrared sauna models. Each uses the latest in Ultra-Low EMF Technology, utilizing our Nano-Carbon infrared radiant panels. We offer the most standard features, some personalized optional upgrades and access to great infrared sauna reviews from our customers. You can order from us with confidence that you are making a great choice.

Badger Infrared Sauna

The Badger Infrared Sauna is perfect for homes with limited space. Ideal for one person at a time, it's a great way to spend time relaxing alone.

Colorado Infrared Sauna

The Colorado infrared sauna is a beautiful, high-quality two person sauna designed for compact and smaller spaces. This healthy oasis is a welcome healing getaway for any home.

Durango Infrared Sauna

The Durango infrared sauna is the perfect health retreat for up to three adults. It is the ideal size  for stretching and calm yoga poses for one.

Rio Grande Infrared Sauna

Built to fit neatly into a corner of your home, this three person sauna will surprise you with a spacious interior while maintaining a space-efficient exterior. Corner infrared saunas allow many people to experience the luxury of this healing phenomenon in their smaller homes.

Big Bear Infrared Sauna

Have a little more room? Our largest infrared saunas is the impressive Big Bear, boasting an amazing amount of infrared output and can comfortably accommodate five people at a time! The Big Bear sauna is a luxurious and effective addition to your home, creating the ultimate wellness environment. View our Home Sauna Units

Are You Operating a Health Related Business?

We also offer commercial saunas.

These sturdy saunas are the first far infrared saunas built specifically to withstand the rigors of high traffic commercial locations. Place one of these units in your fitness center, clinic, spa, or body work business, such as a chiropractic or massage office. Or, start an Infrared Sauna Healing Center! We are here to help you bring a new income stream to your business. View our infrared commercial saunas

So you've found the best infrared sauna to buy, and coincidentally, you have found the best company to buy it from – Rocky Mountain Saunas. We take great pride in being the national leader in infrared saunas. Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-358-1270 for expert advice and to place your order.

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