Commercial & Residential Saunas

-23% Colorado Model

Colorado Model

The custom designed Colorado Infrared Sauna is your avenue to optimal health.  Loaded with Standard Features, the Colorado Sauna is the most popular in design seating up to 2 people...

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-19% Durango Model

Durango Model

The custom designed Durango Infrared Sauna is a perfect addition to your home or business.  Loaded with Standard Features, the Durango is spacious providing room for 3 people comfortably.  Built...

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-17% Big Bear Model

Big Bear Model

The custom designed Big Bear Infrared Sauna is your private sanctuary to relax, unwind and sweat yourself healthy.  Loaded with Standard Features, the Big Bear Sauna is the largest in...

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-17% Rio Grande Model

Rio Grande Model

The custom designed Rio Grande Infrared Sauna is our space efficient corner model. Large seating area with plenty of room for 3 family members or you can stretch out and...

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Badger Model-Special Order

Badger Model-Special Order

The custom designed Badger Infrared Sauna is perfect for compact locations.  Loaded with Standard Features, the Badger is the smallest in design seating one person comfortably.  Built to the highest...

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Montana Commercial Sauna

Montana Commercial Sauna

The Montana boasts ample Interior Space for full freedom of movement while stretching and complete relaxation when reclining. The Huge 6' 3" rear bench allows for most people to lie...

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Aspen Commercial Sauna

Aspen Commercial Sauna

The Aspen Infrared Sauna is our most compact commercial-grade model. With a beautiful commercial contemporary design, this 1 to 2 person Far Infrared Sauna comes loaded with exclusive features that...

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Apollo Door Wrap

Vail Commercial Sauna

The Vail seats 2 adults comfortably. Removable Bench Seat and Full Floor Heaters are designed for Hot Yoga and Stretching. With nearly Six feet of Interior Headroom with Wall to...

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