Prefabricated Infrared Sauna Kits from Rocky Mountain Saunas

A prefabricated infrared sauna kit from Rocky Mountain Saunas is an easy way to add a high-quality sauna experience to your home or office.

Our prefab saunas are delivered to your location where they are quickly assembled by you and a helper with only a minimal amount of necessary tools.

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Rocky Mountain Saunas offers prefab sauna configurations in five sizes and multiple finish options.  We realize that from simply viewing pictures of competing products, most prefabricated infrared saunas appear very similar. However, ours are not like the others! Rocky Mountain Saunas build our saunas to exacting custom specifications and we take immense pride in the fact that our saunas are built better than any of our competitors. Our Infrared Saunas feature:

  • Beautiful, Grade A solid wood construction (either  Canadian Hemlock or Red Cedar). Double Wall Construction: Handcrafted tongue and groove, double walls are fine sanded, luster finish. We have the thickest walls of ANY infrared sauna manufacturer.
  • Zero Rated EMF Nano-Carbon™ IR Emitter Panels in walls AND floor. More results in less time with no 'dead zones'.
  • EZ-Lean Backrest: Our ergonomic vertical backrests allow you to lean back on the wall panels in total comfort without becoming too hot during infrared sauna therapy. You still receive 100% of the infrared heat being produced.
  • Triple shielded wiring prevents any EMF from entering sauna cabin.
  • Commercial-grade hardware ensures your infrared sauna will last a lifetime.
  • Luxury Technology Upgrades including LED exterior lighting. interior reading light, Color-changing LED chromotherapy lights, FM radio & CD player with 4" stereo speakers.

That's not all!   View a complete list of features here  Additionally, all infrared saunas sold by Rocky Mountain Saunas include an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

See Our Infrared Saunas