Infrared Sauna Benefits for Stress Relief

Infrared Sauna Benefits Include a Relaxing and Comfortable Atmosphere for Stress Relief.

High daily stress levels can have a deteriorating effect on our physiological and emotional system. Numerous medical studies have documented the negative effect that stress can have on our overall health and wellness. (5)

The relief of stress is one of the most important sauna benefits because high levels of stress have been linked to a high number of other maladies. Far infrared sauna use is an effective and healthy method for eliminating stress and reducing mental and emotional tension. One of the first differences you will notice during your sessions is a profound sense of relaxation throughout the entire body as irritability decreases and taut nerves and cramped muscles respond to the deep heat.

The far infrared sauna helps to reduce physical stress by boosting blood circulation and stimulating the production of endorphins, the “feel good” hormones. This stress relief technique has a warm soothing effect and will provide an immediate benefit to tightened and knotted muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and invigorated. * (1)

Sauna Benefits to the Nervous System

The human nervous system consists of two divisions: the Voluntary and the Autonomic. The Voluntary System controls movement, cognition and sensation.

The Autonomic System is divided into two branches:

  • The Sympathetic system (fight or flight system) is catabolic, which means it tears down the body, since this energy is used to prepare for defense, rather than for nourishment and regeneration. (2)Most people who are not well have exhausted their sympathetic system.  Restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system is a key ingredient to maintaining and healing all health conditions. (2)The majority of people today live in “sympathetic dominance” which fosters excessive worry, fear, anger, and resentment.  A person in sympathetic dominance may talk, think, eat or work at an excessive pace which can result in a toxic and nutritionally depleted condition.
  • The Parasympathetic System is anabolic and is concerned with rebuilding the body. Its nerves stimulate digestion, the immune system and the eliminative organs. (2)

An Easy, Simple and Powerful Method to Eliminate Stress and Tension

Use of your home infrared sauna engages the Parasympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for nourishing, healing and regeneration of the body.*

Improving peripheral blood circulation, decongesting the internal organs, the production of Heat Shock Proteins (rebuilds damaged cell structures) and balancing of the body’s pH all occur when the body is in Parasympathetic activity. * (2)

Regular use of your personal infrared sauna is an ideal method to maintain proper balance of the body’s nervous system and develop a responsible mental and physical health regimen.* (4)

So experience the stress relief benefits of saunas by Rocky Mountain Saunas. We have several home infrared sauna models to choose from.

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Far infrared sauna benefits have been documented by a multitude of medical studies related to the overall health benefits and treatment of chronic maladies and conditions. For more information about bringing the benefits of far infrared sauna therapy into your home, with your own personal infrared sauna, call 1-888-358-1270 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm MST.



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