Rocky Mountain Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Sauna

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Infrared saunas have recently become more popular as more people become informed about their benefits. Getting one can be a cheaper alternative to a traditional sauna that still carries the same benefits. If you are thinking about getting a sauna, you should know about how it works and the differences in sauna types. 

Traditional vs Infrared Saunas

Traditional saunas use stones and water that are heated to create an environment that is both hot and humid. Using hot rocks and steam, convection heat and conduction heat are able to warm the body. 

These are usually kept at temperatures between 158°F and 230°F, and the hot atmosphere helps people start sweating while they are inside. However, at such high temperatures some people can start to feel uncomfortable after a short time and experience symptoms such as feelings of being overwhelmed, claustrophobic, or difficulty breathing. Humidity is often around 5 to 15 percent in a traditional sauna, but this can be adjusted outside those levels depending on user preference. 

Instead of using convection and conduction, like traditional methods, infrared methods use radiation to generate heat. Also called IR saunas, these consist of large boxes that use infrared heaters made of ceramic, carbon panels, or Incoloy to radiate infrared light. The body’s skin cells receive the light as heat, which causes the person in the sauna to sweat. 

Usually, an IR sauna will be much smaller than other types, as they are built to accommodate up to 4 people. The temperature ranges are lower, with levels maintained around 122°F and 140°F. These saunas also don’t have natural humidity, so a user who wants to have a humid experience will need to add a steam generator. 

Because the temperatures are lower and the environment is more arid, people are usually able to have longer and drier heating sessions than a traditional method. This means that you can have the health benefits without experiencing the discomfort of scorching temperatures. With more tolerable temperatures, people are able to enjoy the experience longer and can raise their internal temperatures 2°F to 3°F. 

Radiation heat can also penetrate the body more effectively than convection heat, which usually remains at the skin level. Because of this, IR saunas can lead to higher levels of sweating than the traditional version. 

For centuries, people have used heat to treat a wide variety of health concerns. Both the traditional and infrared sauna can provide an array of health benefits. They help with relieving tired muscles and promoting relaxation. They can also facilitate improved sleep, weight loss, detoxification, better circulation, and pain relief. 

Rocky Mountain Saunas 

Though an IR sauna may be cheaper than the traditional one, that doesn’t mean that it has to be low quality! Rocky Mountain Saunas can provide you with the most high quality, best value saunas that suit your needs. 

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