Far Infrared Sauna VS. Near Infrared

Posted by : Rocky Mountain Saunas Team

Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) refers to radiant heat utilizing far infrared energy. Radiant heat basically means heating a specific item directly, in this application; the human body. Warming the human body with radiant heat most efficiently is accomplished using large, organic nano-carbon™ heater panels which broadcast ‘sunlight’ at the exact frequency at which the human body emits and absorbs maximum radiant energy: 9.4 microns.

The far infrared energy bandwidth ranges from 4 microns – 1000 microns.

Energy Spectrum Chart

Only Far Infrared Radiant Energy (FIR), transmitted in a bandwidth of 5-15 microns, produces the unique molecular and cellular reaction within the human body called “Resonant Absorption”.

Resonant Absorption excites the human body at the cellular/ molecular level and is the primary reason that FIR therapy has proven to be the most effective method for detoxification of the body.* FIR sauna therapy creates many beneficial chemical and physical reactions in the body that ONLY this unique bandwidth of ‘sunlight’ has been proven to produce.

The vast majority all the clinical and scientific studies and proven health benefits of Infrared Therapy over the past 45 years, deal with the far infrared driven chemical and physical changes in the human body. Far Infrared Radiant therapy has been documented beneficial for more that 100+ health conditions and maladies. From the common cold to cancer.*

In comparison, very little empirical data and medical research has been done on near infrared. Almost none available on medium infrared.

The human body emits and absorbs far infrared energy every day at a specific frequency found in the far infrared spectrum. The body has an average resting far infrared vibration of 9.4 microns (human body Bio-Frequency).

Since the far infrared spectrum produced by our proprietary nano-carbon™ panels emits a range of 8 -12 microns, the body offers virtually no internal resistance to the rapid absorption of this unique light energy bandwidth. Hence, the deep tissue penetration and deep heating power of far infrared light energy, which is one to two inches in various parts of the body.

Near Infrared does not exactly match the Bio-Frequency of the human body and therefore, does not penetrate the body as deeply. Near Infrared does not create the Resonant Absorption phenomenon.

Resonant Absorption is unique to the 5-15 micron bandwidth produced by far infrared radiant light energy.

Most near infrared applications have been for facial and cosmetic benefit. Any health benefit you may receive with near infrared you will receive with far infrared and much, much more.*

I personally do not care for the near infrared lights/ bulbs or near infrared tube heaters with reflector trays. Near infrared heat emitter of these types have surface temperatures that are simply too hot (300 -400 degrees Fahrenheit) and require that sauna occupant stay 3-4 feet distant from the emitters. In many near infrared sauna designs, sitting on a stool without decent upper body support. The safety of human proximity to such high temperature surfaces is questionable in my opinion.

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