Turbo Charge Your Immune System: Alkaline pH = Power Healthy

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Health benefits of an infrared sauna use are numerous, but one of the most important benefits is to the immune system. The balance of acidity vs alkaline in your body fluids has been an accurate measuring system of immune system health for decades.

Alkaline pH = Power Healthy

Maintaining an Alkaline Body Fluid balance can improve your overall health in several categories. An Alkaline Body Fluid pH balance can boost your body’s immunity by creating an environment that is strongly resistant to viruses, bacteria and disease, according to Dr. Susan Lark, M.D., co-author of “The Chemistry of Success”.*

All disease, from the common cold to cancerous tumors, thrives when blood pH displays a high acidic, low oxygen environment.*

This hypothesis is supported by Dr. Otto Warburg, in his cancer research treatise, “The Metabolism of Tumors” for which he was awarded the Noble Prize in 1931. “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.”

Body fluid levels that are highly acidic are always low or no oxygen content. Tumor cells can only survive with the help of glucose (sugar) in an environment without oxygen.”, according to Dr. Warburg.
Conversely, when our body fluid levels are alkaline and display high oxygen content, disease does not prosper and immune system function is much stronger in resisting the harmful bacteria and viruses that cause many diseases.

When our body pH levels are properly balanced, we can process essential minerals and nutrients appropriately and detoxify and eliminate negative substances. According to the Consumer Health Organization of Canada, most health problems indicate an overly acidic body fluid reading.

More efficient food digestion, increased bone strength, combat cancer growth, improved essential organ function, good joint health, reduced stress and fewer cold and flu bugs are all benefits which can be derived from maintaining a proper Alkaline body fluid level.

pH is an abbreviation for potential Hydrogen, which is a standard scientific measure for levels of alkalinity or acidity in organic material. A healthy range of blood and tissues pH should be around 7.3, on a scale of 0 to 14.

It Pays to Monitor Your Bodily Functions

pH levels may be monitored by using litmus strips on your tongue and they are available at most pharmacies.

You can increase your body fluid pH level by adding alkaline foods to your diet or inexpensive supplements, like Calcium/ Magnesium tablets or even by drinking water with a little baking soda added to it.

Putting the right fuel in your body will only increase the health benefits of sauna use.*

A list of alkaline foods may be found on many health care websites and include fruits, nuts, raw vegetable, wheat grass and other green plants.

So if you want to take advantage of all of the infrared sauna health benefits, call our infrared sauna experts to discuss a home infrared sauna solution that fits your desire for a healthier lifestyle. We can be reached at 1-888-358-1270 for a full discussion of your options on infrared sauna kits.

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