The Raw Revolution: Eating Healthy is Now Delicious and Easy to Prepare

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Over the summer I read three books by Carol Alt that showed me how to improve my daily diet with a super healthy and surprisingly tasty upgrade. Carol Alt is the international supermodel and actress and her series of books on eating raw and enjoying it are a refreshing and effective way to a healthier lifestyle.

Eating raw food is not just for vegetarians or vegans and meat is included in the menu. It is a good companion to your personal infrared sauna in a healthy lifestyle. Carol uses a common sense approach for gradually integrating raw food into your regular meal routine. Her books provide well documented evidence for the nutritional research which supports her dietary regimen. Eating raw foods is a results based diet with looking better, being more energetic and feeling better as a few of the bottom line payoffs.

All three books are an ‘easy read’, informative and chock full of unique recipes, with a liberal dose of Carol’s anecdotes to sprinkle in some personal seasoning. Some of the recipes come from chefs and owners of the best raw restaurants in the USA, some from friends and family and some from world renowned health centers like the Hippocrates Health Institute in Miami, FL. All of the recipes are pretty simple to prepare and proper ingredients are easy enough to find. So relax in your home sauna and enjoy a healthy meal afterwards!

Keeping it brief and to the point, I highly recommend any and all of Carol Alt’s books. They are packed with straightforward advice and hundreds of recipes with complete menus for every meal.

Some of the recipes include mouth-watering dishes like: just bananas pancakes, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears, maya chocolate pie, quiche aux champignons (mushroom quiche), shrimp ceviche in zucchini boats and beef carpaccio rolls. Raw breads, raw pizza, a variety of chips and even raw ice cream!

The list just gets longer and better: there are salads with homemade dressings, smoothie recipes, raw snacks, cucumber pickles, gazpacho soups, pastas, beef and cashew cheese collard tacos, delicious veggie burgers, strawberry sorbets and coconut butterscotch cookies. Even Yummy Choc-Coco Mousse made with avocados!

Carol points out that you can pretty much eat all you want when eating raw, since you are eating healthy. So, no worries about walking away from the table and still being hungry.

Get ready for an adventure in eating raw, delicious and Healthy! Listed below are Carol’s three books.

Eating in the Raw: a beginner’s guide to getting slimmer, feeling healthier and living longer the raw-food way./ Carol Alt, with David Roth. Copyright 2004 by Altron II, Inc.

The Raw 50: 10 Amazing Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks and Drinks for Your Raw Food Lifestyle. /Copyright 2007 by Carol Alt.

Easy, Sexy, Raw: 130 raw food recipes, tools and tips to make you feel gorgeous and satisfied. / Carol Alt. Copyright 2012 by Altron II, Inc. Clarkson Potter/ Publishers. A division of Random House, Inc.

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