Infrared Sauna Therapy and Cancer Treatments Involving Heat

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Saunas have a wide range of health benefits like relaxation and improved sleep, but did you know that they can also be used as a treatment for cancer? 

Cancer patients need to have more immune and digestive activity, and using a sauna can help with that. When stress activates the sympathetic system of the body, the immune response and digestive activity are decreased so that the brain, muscles, and glands can respond to the stress. Fortunately, infrared saunas are able to lower the activity in the sympathetic system and relax the body. 


Hyperthermia is a popular method that has been used to treat weaker cancers that are sensitive to heat. Infrared saunas heat the body in a gentle and gradual manner, making the heat easier to tolerate.

For this purpose, infrared or IR saunas are better than traditional ones because the heat enters the body and doesn’t remain only on the skin. Increased heat penetration leads to stronger hyperthermic effects. The lights from IR saunas can also be pointed so that they are aimed directly at the areas with cancer. 

Furthermore, Dr. Irvin Sahni explained in The Quest for the Cure Continues that the hyperthermic effects of an IR sauna are only harmful for cells that are malignant, and not cells that are normal and healthy. This is because the malignant cancerous cells are less viable and hyperthermically challenged, while the normal cells are not affected by infrared radiation.

One study in the Journal of Science and Therapy discovered that 30 days of treatment with infrared lights reduced cancerous masses in mice by as high as 86 percent. Another rodent study found that infrared treatment leading to hyperthermia significantly reduced the spread and growth of breast cancer cells. 

Improved Circulation

Cancer is often linked to poor blood circulation. This can be improved by entering a sauna, because the heat will cause the blood to move closer to the skin in an attempt to cool down. This improves circulation throughout the body and leads to better oxygenation in the lungs. 

Oxygen therapies are a developing area of cancer research, but you can easily experience these benefits in an IR sauna. Especially for older people and cancer patients who cannot exercise, these are powerful benefits. 

Better Circulation Decreases Likelihood of Other Infections 

When your temperature increases in a sauna, it’s similar to having a fever. When you have a fever, the body environment is less friendly to infections. In this way, a higher temperature and improved circulation can help to kill microorganisms in your system. 

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