Using Massage to Get More from Your Infrared Sauna Sessions

Posted by : Rocky Mountain Saunas Team

One way to get more out of your infrared sauna sessions is to firmly massage your body in areas where you want to see improvement.*

Vigorous massage of locations on your body where you want to lose weight will help break up fatty and cellulite deposits and enhance improvement in those specific areas.*

By massaging chronic areas of joint pain, knotty muscles and stiffness you can noticeably reduce pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility.*

Mild stretching of the lower back, hips, torso, neck and shoulders can also reduce pain and increase range of motion. Move in a slow deliberate manner during stretching.*

Nearly everyone will benefit from massaging their hands and feet. Hands and feet receive less blood circulation that other parts of the body and are collection areas for toxins and body waste congestion. As you massage your hands and feet, you will probably notice small knots and areas that feel thick and congested.*

These are pockets of lactic acid buildup and other waste products that haven’t been cleared by normal blood circulation. Our blood flow and circulation during an infrared sauna session literally doubles our normal blood flow when we are sitting or at rest.*

As we massage distressed parts of our hands and feet, it helps to break up these congested areas and the increased blood flow is able to carry the toxins and acid buildups through our kidneys and bowels to purge them from our body. The increased blood circulation delivers increased amounts of oxygen directly to problem areas to help cleanse and heal.*

Nerve endings/ ganglia located in our extremities also become twisted, knotty and congested due to constant pressure and repetitive use. (long periods of being on our feet or using a computer mouse for extended periods are examples) Firm and repeated massage in specific trouble spots allows the nerve endings to ‘calm down’ and realign.*

Below are Reflexology Charts for the Hands and Feet to illustrate how the different areas in our hands and feet directly relate to other body organs. When we massage our hands and feet, we are also reducing stress and overload conditions throughout our body.

Through regular sauna and massage sessions we can create a cumulative improvement throughout our entire body.*

Reflexology Hand Chart

If you have any questions regarding massage during your sauna, please give us a call and everyone in the Rocky Mountain Saunas family will be happy to help.

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