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Nearly everyone understands that Stress is a Killer. Literally !!
Constant daily Stress gradually erodes our body and mind to the point where our behavior is altered in so many ways that we are scarcely the person we once knew.

Stress chart

The soft, deep penetrating heat of a far infrared sauna is the natural remedy for stress. With the low cabin air temperature providing a comfortable, cozy environment, an infrared sauna will relax your body and clear your mind.
The relaxing properties of far infrared heat engage the part of our body’s involuntary nervous system that creates healing, regeneration and cleansing at the cellular and molecular level.

Most people in today’s world operate on a go, go, go schedule fueled by triple shot coffee, 5 hour energy drinks, Red Bull, etc. They rarely take the time to calm down their body and clear their brain. As a result, America is ‘out of gas’…. Meaning they lack the natural stamina to operate on a daily basis without the use of stimulants.
Having regular far infrared sauna sessions accomplishes two major objectives:
First, we are taking a ‘time out’, at regular intervals, to give our body and mind the opportunity to heal itself and ‘recharge’.
Secondly, we are using the most efficient health tool available to accomplish our goal.

If you are ready to have your body energized naturally, enjoy real endurance and stamina to carry you through your daily life, eliminate brain fog and stress related thinking and behavior, then you are ready to take your preventive health care program to the next level.*

Naturally and effectively. No pills or potions or chemical laced drinks. No quick fix.
Just a common sense approach, using a time-tested, proven technology with a cutting edge product.
Using a far infrared sauna just three times per week, 30 – 45 minutes per session will turn your life around and you will begin to see results beginning with your first session. The more you use your infrared sauna on a regular basis, the better you will look and feel. * Sounds like a winner to me.

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Article by J. M. Henson, 1 October 2013. All rights reserved. Bulldog Publishing Inc.

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