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Montana Commercial Sauna


The Rocky Mountain Saunas Montana boasts ample Interior Space for full freedom of movement while stretching and complete relaxation when reclining. The Huge 6′ 3″ rear bench allows for most people to lie down fully and the horseshoe seating design provides spacious seating for 4-5 adults comfortably.

This sauna features Heavy Duty Construction with maximum coverage. 0 EMF Rated Nano-Carbon ™ Far Infrared Heater Panels in a Feature Rich Far Infrared Sauna.

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Wood Option (Hemlock Wood Standard)

Custom One-Way Privacy Door Wrap

Seat Cushion

White Glove Assembly Service

Outdoor Sunbrella Cover

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The 2016 Montana commercial sauna is designed so you may recline fully or seat 5 adults comfortably. 52 square feet of Zero EMF, Nano-Carbon™ infrared panels provide total body exposure and maximum health results. Extra thick walls for durability, 3400 watt output, full flush floor infrared heaters, 30 hour programmable timer, Chromotherapy lights, oxygen ionizer, and integrated stereo are all Standard Equipment.

All Rocky Mountain Saunas commercial models are designed for high traffic Fitness Center use, but are also quite popular in home gym settings.

Montana Sauna shown above is with Cedar wood.

Free shipping to the Continental US. Shipping Charge for Alaska & Hawaii  $1295.00 + Crating Fee


1. 0 EMF rated Nano-Carbon ™ Far Infrared Heater panels.

2. Highest output and maximum distribution of Far Infrared Radiant Heat..

3. Flow-Thru / Removable Bench Seats are ideal for hot yoga practice and stretching.

4. Interior Cabins feature added depth and nearly 6 feet interior height for ample comfort.

5. 30-Hour Programmable Timer for your convenience.

6. Large floor heaters with flush floor design.

7. New high volume LED Chromotherapy lights with 7 colors.

8. Lifetime Residential Warranty on All Materials and Components.

9. Integrated FM/MP3/USB Stereo

10. 5 1/4 inch Pioneer Speakers.

11. Hideaway Oxygen Ionizer.

12. 3 Stage Adjustable Reading Lights.

13. Bronze Privacy tempered glass door and Bronze Window Panels.

Sauna Specs

Infrared Panels: 18

Panel Area:  52 Square Feet


Width: 79″

Depth: 59.5″

Height: 78″

ElectricalMontana Dimensions

Wattage: 3472 Watts Amperage: 12.8 Amps

Circuit: Dedicated 220 volt / 240 volt 20 amp circuit / outlet required

Click Here for electrical requirements video.

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