Personal Sauna Standard Features

Features Included with ALL Rocky Mountain Infrared Sauna Units

Chromo Grid

Chromotherapy Lights

An alternative healing method using colored LED lights which impact specific organs, body systems & Chi energy centers. Chromotherapy benefits include enhanced relaxation, energy balance, improved healing and emotional well being.*

Click here for Chromotherapy Color Chart

Wider Back Rests

EZ-Lean Backrest

Our ergonomic vertical backrests allow you to lean back on the wall panels in total comfort without becoming too hot during infrared sauna therapy. You still receive 100% of the infrared heat being produced. Portable backrests are unstable and cumbersome. Ceramic heaters have hot spots and make it difficult to lean back and relax in the same position for a prolonged period. Horizontal back slats gouge your ribs and spine.


Zero EMF Rated Nano-Carbon Heater Panels

Tested to produce the most infrared energy within the desired spectrum for maximum absorption by your body. Large, thick Carbon Panels blanket the walls, front bench and floor areas giving you more surface area exposure than any other manufacturer. Which means MORE RESULTS in LESS TIME!!

Even though the infrared sauna air cabin temperatures are lower than traditional saunas, users will still sweat profusely, since infrared light heats more body mass than traditional saunas and raises the core body temperature.

Our Zero EMF Rated Nano-Carbon Heater Panels are the safest, most efficient and cost effective method of detoxifying your whole body.*

Cedar Tek-Sun-Warmwalls

Tek-Sun-Warmwall – New for 2017!

Technology allows sauna to better retain heat and provides faster warm up time.


Sauna Speakers

Our commercial and home infrared saunas come with two 4″ High resolution Stereo Speakers for AM/FM CD MP3 enjoyment.

exterior lights

Luxury Light Package

Recessed LED ceiling lights with inside/outside controls highlight our premium Canadian wood quality and provide a relaxed setting.


Interior Reading Lights

Our personal saunas include two reading lights that maintain a soft comfortable ambiance.


Cup Holders

Two drink stands allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage during your sauna session.


FM CD Player with SD/USB Player

Enjoy four different sources of audio entertainment with premium stereo sound.


Magazine and Towel Racks

An absolute “must have” in a properly equipped infrared sauna package.


All-Glass Doors

Your infrared sauna features a fashionable, thick, tempered glass door. See our Optional sauna kit upgrades for privacy glass.

2017 Door Handle

New 2017 Door Handle of Polished/Brushed Nickel gives a Contemporary Design Appearance Click Link for Installation Video


Hinge & Mag latch 001

Magnetic Door Latch

Strong, tight fit magnetic latch for easy access to your far infrared sauna.

Fuzzy Strip

Felt Strip Lining

Felt Strip Lining on inside of door jamb provides tight seal for glass door closure.

Easy Power Access

Upgraded power box access door with dust cover.


Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Hinges

Our durable, 180 Degree heavy duty hinges offer a lifetime of durable service.


Interior & Exterior Soft-Touch Control Panels

1-30 Hour Programmable Timer, Convenient push button access to control temperature settings, session timer, chromotherapy lights, reading light and exterior lights.


EZ-Lock Assembly System

Makes assembly a breeze with the Smart-Lock system for quality fit and finish.


good ventilation

Adjustable Ceiling Vent

A quick way to allow fresh cool air into your environment and lower cabin air temperature just a bit.

tounge-groove siding


Double Wall Construction

Handcrafted tongue and groove, double walls are fine sanded, luster finish. We have the thickest walls of any manufacturer.

floor heaters

Heavy Duty Floor Panels & Bench Front Panels

Heavy duty reinforced floor panels can support over 300 lbs. Floor panel heat feels terrific on your tired achy feet while promoting toxin expulsion. Bench front infrared panel makes certain that your knees, calves and ankles receive direct exposure to the benefits of far infrared.

Simple Assembly

Contents are clearly printed on the exterior of each sauna carton.



Air Temperature Sensor

Maintain the temperature you want with heavy duty bimetal cabin air temperature sensor.


We also offer many feature upgrades this year, as well as optional sauna kit upgrades.

Safety Certified:

All Rocky Mountain Saunas have been rigidly tested and certified to meet the highest standards of electrical safety and workmanship, and carry the approval seal of four separate independent testing laboratories.


* Rocky Mountain Saunas and its associates do not provide medical guidance. Consult a licensed doctor for medical advice. All of the information contained in this website is for information purposes only. Results of using our products vary on an individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided.