Why are RMS’ Nano-Carbon™ heater panels better than Ceramic heat emitters?

Carbon Fiber Sauna Panels vs Ceramic Rods in Infrared Saunas

An infrared heat emitter can only be as efficient as its total surface area. The Carbon panels in our commercial and personal infrared saunas cover a very large surface area and are able to provide an even infrared coverage over the entire body and have a surface area total of 27 square feet, in a two person sauna.Typical ceramic emitters have a very small surface emission area, totaling a few square inches. 

Infrared Sauna Surface Temperature

  • Ceramic heat emitters reach surface temperatures in excess of 400 degrees F in order to produce far infrared energy.  This type of emitter is neither safe nor comfortable.
  • Nano-Carbon™ panels have a surface temperature of 125 – 135 degrees F and you can lean right up against the backrest, about an inch from the panel surface, and be safe and relaxed.

Infrared Sauna Panel Life Expectancy

  • Ceramic heat emitters have a short life expectancy of  3 – 6 years, on average.
  • Nano-Carbon™ panels are extremely durable and have a life expectancy of 75 years, on average.