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Detoxify Your Body, Lose Weight, & Live Pain Free

All of this is possible when you order your own South Carolina infrared sauna. So if you have been searching for an infrared sauna for your home or business, look no further... Rocky Mountain Saunas offers infrared saunas to South Carolina cities and surrounding areas. More than a decade ago, the advent of infrared radiant heat saunas revolutionized our industry in the United States. South Carolina residents, in large numbers, have taken advantage of the wide range of dynamic sauna health benefits that have been medically documented and proven effective for many years now. Quality carbon panel heat emitters have taken the effectiveness and comfort of our infrared saunas to a higher standard than ever before.

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Rocky Mountain Saunas are truly built to last a lifetime

We offer a full service lifetime warranty on defects in workmanship or material and ALL electrical and interior components for your infrared sauna. Warranty and customer service is always personally managed by family owned Rocky Mountain Saunas. We invite you to read our infrared sauna reviews to get an idea about customer satisfaction, or call us and we will describe the deeply relaxing and therapeutic infrared sauna experience.
Call us today at 1-888-358-1270 to learn all about our infrared sauna kits, which are easily assembled by just two people in an hour or so.
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