ProLine Commercial Features

Top Rated Infrared Saunas for Commercial Use

The following features are included in every one of our ProLine Purity luxury sauna models:

Solid,Natural Construction
Solid, Natural Construction:Our saunas are built to the highest quality commercial standards for constant, daily use with solid, double reinforced tongue and groove construction using only water-based adhesives and natural oils for exterior wood finish, resulting in 100% toxic-free construction.
Luxurious Sauna Cabin
Luxurious Sauna Cabin:Each of our Saunas is made to provide greater comfort and luxury. Our Sauna’s are made four to eight inches (4”-8”) wider and three to six inches (3”-6”) taller than most infrared saunas, making for ample leg space and head room inside.
Commercial Heaters
Commercial Heaters:We use the highest grade, most durable, and 100% organic “Greenwave Technology” carbon heaters. Made from imported Japanese raw materials, each heater is made with over 20 organic natural mineral compounds known as silicates. Our heaters provide the most broad and even heat distribution up to 6,200 square inches and have a long life span of over 80 years (meaning you will never have to replace a heater).
Higher Power and Wattage
Higher Power and Wattage:We use 220volt power for our larger sauna models (Solstice and Equinox), and 110 volt power for the 1-2 person model (Eclipse). However, they are highly cost efficient to run at an estimated at $5 - $10 per month if you run the sauna 1 hour per day for 30 days.
Programmable Timer
Programmable Timer:For your convenience, your sauna is capable of being programmed 0-30 hours in advance to turn sauna on at a specific time so you won’t have to wait.
Tempered Glass Door and Glass Lit Band
Tempered Glass Door and Glass Lit Band:We use thicker one-quarter inch (1/4”) high quality tempered glass with a dark bronze privacy tint for all doors and side panels along with a etched green glass lit band.
EZ Lean System
EZ Lean System:Each heater panel is protected with a patented wood grill cover that allows for you to lay back with support while receiving direct radiant heat without fear or dangers of burning, chaffing, or discomfort.
Ergonomic Bench
Ergonomic Bench (Removable):For your comfort, we designed an extended ergonomic bench with contoured rounded edge and gaps for floor heater penetration, easy cleaning, and maintenance. The bench is made so it can be easily removed and taken out of sauna cabin for hot yoga practice, stretching, and seated floor meditation.
Luxury Lighting Package
Luxury Lighting Package:Included are interior reading and touch dimmable mood lighting as well as exterior LED lights.
Chromatherapy Lighting
Chromatherapy Lighting:We include color chromatherapy lighting with a variety of color selections to enhance mood, improve energy, and create ambiance.
Contemporary Interior/Exterior Handle
Contemporary Interior/Exterior Handle:This uniquely elegant and modern handle allows for safe and easy access to and from your sauna cabin.
MP3 Player and Pioneer Speaker System
MP3 Player and Pioneer Speaker System:MP3 player with FM/AM built into control panel to connect Ipod or MP3 device as well as high quality Pioneer speakers for a high fidelity audio experience.
Oxygen Ionizer
Oxygen Ionizer:This releases negative ions to clean, purity, and sanitize the air quality inside the sauna cabin between sessions.
Cup Holders/Magazine Rack/Ipod & Key Holder/Towel Hook (Accessory Package)
Cup Holders/Magazine Rack/Ipod & Key Holder/Towel Hook (Accessory Package)
Cup Holders/Magazine Rack/Ipod & Key Holder/Towel Hook (Accessory Package)
Cup Holders/Magazine Rack/Ipod & Key Holder/Towel Hook (Accessory Package)
Cup Holders/Magazine Rack/Ipod & Key Holder/Towel Hook (Accessory Package):Heavy-duty, reinforced accessories for your storage convenience.
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