USA Lab Certified Zero Rated EMF Nano Carbon Infrared Emitters

Concentrated Infrared Energy, Nothing More

Our saunas are standard equipped with high-tech NANO CARBON™ infrared heat panels.

Our heating panels are precisely tuned to directly heat your body without subjecting it to any harmful electromagnetic fields!

EZ Lean Vertical Backrests for Maximum Comfort

Pure Comfort

Other manufacturers use horizontal backrests, because they are less expensive to build, though terribly uncomfortable.

Our vertical dowel backrests are the most comfortable to lean on while enabling maximum infrared energy exposure.

Thickest Walls on the Market

Maximum Heat Retention and Superior Finish

With 8mm thick walls, our saunas are constructed with the thickest and highest quality lumber in the industry.

Thick walls offer superior heat retention, high efficiency, and warm, inviting beauty.

The Most Features, The Best Value

Standard Features include Bluetooth Control Panel with FM Tuner, Chromo-Max Chromotherapy Light System, Oxygen Ionizer, Bronze-Tinted Glass Doors and Windows, Zero Rated EMF Nano-Carbon™ Heaters located on Front Wall Panels and Lower Leg and Floor Panels, EMF Triple Shielded Wiring, Insulated Walls, and Interior/Exterior Lighting.

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More Standard Features Than Any Other Manufacturer