Commercial Sauna Units

Rocky Mountain Saunas Commercial Saunas are Far Infrared Saunas built specifically for use in high demand commercial locations.

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Aspen Commercial Sauna

IMG WATERMARK_9092 Our 1-2 person Aspen Commercial Grade Sauna is the ideal size for nearly any room in your business, house or condominium. Space efficient, yet roomy for one person. Cost efficient to operate, yet powerful and results driven. Plugs into a standard 3 prong, 110V/15A wall outlet. Dedicated Line recommended. Built to handle Fitness Center Requirements, the Aspen is a highly efficient, thoughtfully designed workhorse. Specifications, images, and ordering options for the Aspen Commercial Infrared Sauna

Vail Commercial Sauna

Apollo left angle The Vail seats 2 adults comfortably. Nearly six feet of Interior Headroom with Wall to Wall Zero rated EMF Nano-Carbon™ heater panels make the Vail a natural choice for fitness centers. Oversize Floor Heater Panels help create the perfect environment for hot yoga and stretching. Rounded cabin corners, radius roof element, and green accent band reflect the contemporary exterior design of the Vail. With Heavy Duty 220V electrical system, the Vail meets tough commercial grade standards for greater efficiency, durability, and maximum results. The Vail commercial sauna is specifically built for high demand daily use in a health spa, wellness center, or even a luxury residence. Costs approximately 15 -20 cents/hour to operate. Specifications, images, and ordering options for the Vail Commercial Infrared Sauna

Montana Commercial Sauna

RMS RAO12.53.52Rocky Mountain Saunas’ Montana boasts ample Interior Space for full freedom of movement while stretching and complete relaxation when reclining. The Huge 6′ 3″ rear bench allows for most people to lie down fully and the horseshoe seating design provides spacious seating for 4-5 adults comfortably. This sauna features Heavy Duty Construction with maximum coverage. Zero Rated EMF Nano-Carbon™ Far Infrared Heater Panels in a Feature Rich Far Infrared Sauna. The Montana is the Absolute Ultimate Achievement in a True Commercial Grade Sauna. 220V/20A * 3000 Watts Heavy Duty Electrical System costs a modest 20 – 25 cents/hour to operate. Specifications, images, and ordering options for the Montana Commercial Infrared Sauna
Rocky Mountain Saunas commercial saunas combine stylish Heavy Duty construction with feature rich design and cutting edge technological efficiency. Rocky Mountain Saunas commercial saunas are built to endure the high demands of commercial locations. Using 30% more wood for added strength and durability. Heavy duty interior and exterior walls create excellent heat retention and structural integrity. Rocky Mountain Saunas Montana and Vail utilize economical 220V electrical, providing the highest wattage output and maximum far infrared radiant heat distribution.