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    Health Harmonies
    6585 Highway 431 Suite #D
    Hampton Cove, AL 35763

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      Searching for an infrared sauna for your home or business in Alabama? Rocky Mountain Saunas serves the entire state of Alabama. We are quite proud of our infrared sauna handcrafted workmanship and quality control. Alabama, thanks to you, we are the leading global manufacturer of far infrared saunas.

      Rocky Mountain Saunas are truly built to last a lifetime

        We offer an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on defects in workmanship or material and ALL electrical and interior components for your infrared sauna. (Stereo/CD/AM/FM radio carries a 1 year replacement warranty)

      All Warranty and Customer Service is personally managed by Rocky Mountain Saunas.

      The advent of far infrared saunas revolutionized the sauna industry in Alabama and across the United States, beginning about 10 years ago. The wide range of dynamic health benefits of infrared therapy has been medically documented and proven effective for many years now. Quality carbon panel heat emitters have taken the effectiveness and comfort of our infrared saunas to a higher standard, compared to the old ceramic heater technology.

      Detoxify your whole body, lose weight, and live pain free using your home infrared sauna in Alabama.

      We deliver your sauna to your door within 5-7 business days of purchase.
      Actual infrared sauna review from a customer in Alabama: "Love my Durango! Use it pretty much every day. Skin complexion is better than it has ever been. Detox has lowered all my lab numbers and truly does help with weight loss. I don't get many bruises but when I do they are gone by the third day. I had stubbed my little toe, it had swollen and turned purple, the fourth day the toe was still swollen some but the bruising had vanished. IMG_1848 Took out the jet tub as you know and trimmed it into the space. Final touch ups will be done soon but I must tell you this machine is a fantastic piece of technology. I have been doing crossfit for 6 months now and at 58 I have had no issues with soreness as my younger participants groan about. It finally occurred to me it has to be the infrared. Believe me I do the same movements and weights as the young guys and girls and yet day after day sore muscles are not a problem. My weight seems to be maintained with diet & exercise and again the infrared. Everything works as advertised and the enjoyment of it increases with every use!!! Thanks again for a great product and customer support." ~ Robert R. - Dothan, AL
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