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Rocky Mountain Saunas Serving the state of Ohio. Searching for an Infrared Sauna for your home or business in Ohio?

We are quite proud of our infrared sauna handcrafted workmanship and quality control. Ohio, Thanks to you, we are the leading global manufacturer of far infrared saunas.

Rocky Mountain Saunas are truly built to last a lifetime

That is whey we offer a full service lifetime warranty on defects in workmanship or material and ALL electrical and interior components for your infrared sauna. (Stereo/CD/AM/FM and TV/DVD carry a 1 year replacement warranty)

All Warranty and Customer Service is personally managed by Rocky Mountain Saunas.

The advent of infrared radiant heat saunas revolutionized the sauna industry in Ohio and across the United States. The wide range of dynamic health benefits of infrared therapy has been medically documented and proven effective for many years now. Quality carbon panel heat emitters have taken the effectiveness and comfort of our infrared saunas to a higher standard, compared to the old ceramic heater technology.

Detoxify your whole body, lose weight, live pain free in your own infrared sauna in your Ohio home.

We deliver your sauna to your Ohio door within 5-7 business days of purchase.

Actual far infrared sauna testimonial from an Ohio customer:

“This is Stephanie from Ohio. Just wanted to thank you for a great product.. we could not believe how simple it was to assemble.. what a GREAT job. Our hats go off to you.. Its all hooked up and ready for my clients and myself to use < looking forward to healthier clients and me.. thanks again”

~ Steph – Lima, OH