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Getting More from Your Infrared Sauna Sessions

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One way to get more out of your infrared sauna sessions is to firmly massage your body in areas where you want to see improvement. Vigorous massage of locations on your body where you want to lose weight will help break up fatty and cellulite deposits and enhance improvement in those specific areas. By massaging chronic areas of joint pain, …

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Far Infrared Sauna VS. Near Infrared

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Far Infrared Energy vs Near Infrared Energy Heat Sourcing Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) refers to radiant heat utilizing far infrared energy. Radiant heat basically means heating a specific item directly, in this application; the human body. Warming the human body with radiant heat most efficiently is accomplished using large, organic nano-carbon™ heater panels which broadcast ‘sunlight’ at the exact frequency …

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How to Use a Sauna: 15 Starter Tips for Infrared Sauna Use

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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding how to use a sauna is, “How long does it take for my sauna to warm up?”
Answer: Not very long. The Colorado warms up at a rate of 2-3 degrees F per minute. Durango or Rio Grande, a bit faster, at 3-4 degrees/minute. It is important to remember that effective far infrared sauna therapy is not dependent on cabin air temperature.

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How Do Infrared Saunas Work to Heal Your Body?

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Heating treatments for health benefit have been recognized throughout history. Quite simply, hyperthermia is used as a healing technique. Ancient healers were aware that a slight fever was a potent healing tool against various illnesses. Greek physicians elevated body temperatures to strengthen the body’s immunity against infection. (1-2):106-9. 24.

Many health care professionals realize that a safe, induced fever can have extraordinary healing results. Slightly raising body temperature produces a natural biological defense and healing action of the immune system to rid the body of destructive pathogens…in effect, to literally burn out foreign or invading microorganisms. 2(6):438-46. 2.

Today, many holistic and alternative health clinics use infrared sauna therapy to generate fevers, which effectively treat infections such as acute bronchitis and pneumonia, arthritic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia, and even more severe diseases such as cancer and HIV. 1. Also (3)”237-69. 20.

So, What Is Far Infrared Anyway?

Far Infrared light/heat is generated by the sun. It is a bandwidth of invisible sunlight. Even though this bandwidth of light is not detectable to our eyes, our bodies feel the warming sensation. It is like sitting in a car on a chilly day and feeling the sunlight warm your body as it comes through the car windows.

In fact, you can experience Far Infrared Sauna heat for hours and it will never damage your skin or harm your body. No oils or lotions are needed.

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Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

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It’s True! Weight Loss is one of the many benefits of regular use of an Infrared Sauna. Infrared Heat is Healthy, Natural and a Safe Therapy for all living beings.

Weight Loss is achieved through the use of a far infrared sauna by increasing the metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glands, which produces a High Calorie Burn. Studies have shown that you can burn up to 900 calories in a single 50 minute infrared sauna session, while you relax !

“Regular use of an infrared sauna may be just as effective, as a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories, as regular exercise.” Journal of the American Medical Association. August, 1981. (1.)

Infrared Saunas are the Only Natural, Healthy Way to Burn Calories without Exercise.

Infrared light energy creates an even, deep heat penetration without the sensation of feeling hot! This unique heating method is achieved by using a small bandwidth of the far infrared spectrum that ranges from 8-12 microns. (The Entire Far Infrared Spectrum measures from 4 microns to 1000 microns) This special frequency is designed to penetrate beneath your skin to the tissue layers where fat is stored. As subcutaneous fat is heated, your body starts to Thermo-Regulate by producing large volumes of sweat.

Sweating is directly linked to Weight Loss. As your body works to cool itself during an infrared sauna session, there is a substantial/ beneficial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. Your blood flow may rise from the normal 5 – 7 quarts per minute to as much as 12 – 13 quarts per minute, which is a Real Cardiovascular Workout! (2.)

A reasonably fit person may sweat up to one pound / one pint of sweat in a 30 minute infrared sauna session. Wow! Equal to running for two+ miles.

While it is true that the water weight lost in the sauna may be regained by rehydrating, the high amount of calories burned are very real and contribute directly to weight loss. Water loss does not cause weight loss. Weight loss is caused by the high number of calories burned through the increase in metabolic processes. (2.)

Fluids lost during the sweat can be replenished, but the calories are not.

Remember, Sweat is Fat Crying !!

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