Infrared Sauna Therapy and Cancer Treatments Involving Heat

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*The research below on infrared sauna use suggests a preventive role for cancer and / or as an additional supplement as a cancer treatment due to reduction of risk factors and bolstering of the immune system**

Always consult with your physician or oncologist before making any changes to your prescribed treatment regimen

According to the National Cancer Institute, hyperthermia is a type of cancer treatment which increases core body temperatures up to 101 degrees F to destroy and eliminate cancer cells. Using far infrared heat to produce hyperthermia has proven to be an effective method of Cancer Treatment. *(7)

Hyperthermia has been used in conjunction with traditional cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy by clinics around the world. Hyperthermia increases the poor supply of blood and oxygen in some types of tumor cells, which can make them resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. Heat therapy seems to help by increasing blood flow and improving the oxygen supply to the tumor, which can make the cancer cells more responsive to medical treatments.* (4) (5)

For more information from the National Cancer Institute on the use of Hyperthermia as an additional treatment for cancer see Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment.

Research has shown that high core body temperatures, induced by far infrared light energy, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.* (3)

Heat Shock, Immune System, and Cancer

Studies conducted for the use of far infrared saunas in the treatment of cancer included the strains that contain a low level of HSP70 (Heat Shock Proteins). Cancers that contain a low level of HSP70 when irradiated with far infrared wavelengths between 7-12 microns were found to inhibit the effects and arrest the growth of cancer cells and tumors.* (1)

The indication that far infrared can impact body temperature suggests that the proliferation of some cancer cells is controlled by the basal expression level of the heat shock protein and far infrared is an effective medical treatment of cancers that have a low level of HSP70. Furthermore, if the level of HSP70 in any cancer of a patient is measured, the effectiveness of medical treatment by FIR on the cancer may be predicted.* (1)

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D., “Heat Shock Proteins have been shown to be powerful immune system stimulators. They can restore normal cellular immune system activity and help the body recognize and destroy infectious agents. Raising the core body temperature several degrees, with infrared sauna therapy, may be one of the best ways to safely produce Heat Shock Proteins.” *(6)

“When Heat Shock Proteins encounter tumor fragments, they pack them up for processing by the immune system’s defensive macrophage cells, setting in motion a chain of events that results in the recognition of the tumor. The body’s cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (killer T-cells) then attack the cancer cells that produced the material sponged up by the Heat Shock Proteins.” *(2)

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy has been shown to create an increase in the body’s production of Heat Shock Proteins and Killer T-Cells. (2)*

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D. in his book, Sauna Therapy, “Heat Shock Proteins can inhibit the growth of cancer and improve health conditions, such as congestive heart failure and recovery from heart attacks. Heat Shock Proteins help maintain the metabolic and structural integrity of cells. They can protect the heart, increase catalase activity and preserve high energy phosphates. Heat Shock Proteins also increase antioxidant activity by enhancing glutathione production.”* (6)

Infrared Sauna and Cancer Treatment Not a New Concept

In 1944 Otto Warburg was nominated for the Nobel Prize for research concerning photosynthesis in connection with the chemotherapeutics of cancer and the use of x-rays. His subsequent research showed that far infrared impacts cancer.

Dr. Sasaki Kyuo, M.D., has done extensive research on the therapeutic uses of far infrared therapy. She is the author of ‘The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy.’ She asserts that Far Infrared Therapy:

  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cells to the body’s soft tissue areas.*
  • Promotes regeneration and fast healing.*
  • Increases metabolism between blood and tissue.*
  • Enhances white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products.*
  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation which is often at the core of many health problems.*

Artificially Induced Fevers

Two medical doctors, Dr. Werner Zable and Dr. Josef Issels, gave their opinion of the benefits of a fever:

Artificially induced fever has the greatest potential in the treatment of many diseases including cancer.”*

After his death in 1998, Dr. Josef Issels’ legacy has been continued by his wife and collaborator for 40 years, Ilse Marie Issels, and their sons, Dr. Christian N. Issels and Hellmut J. Issels. They have since carried on his work with remarkable results. One of the cornerstones of the Issels Medical Center Therapy is Natural Killer T Cell Activation through the Issels Immunotherapy Protocol.

Walter H. Kim, Christian N. Issels. Issels Medical Center, Santa Barbara, California.

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Rocky Mountain Saunas has come to the conclusions posted on this page through research and detailed investigation of these particular health benefits. References are listed and linked wherever possible.

*Rocky Mountain Saunas and its associates do not provide medical guidance. Consult a licensed doctor for medical advice. All of the information contained in this website is for information purposes only. Results of using our products vary on an individual basis and no immediate permanent or guaranteed solutions can be provided. We reserve the right to change, without notice, anything contained within the article. Rocky Mountain Saunas shall not be held responsible for printing variations.

Far infrared sauna benefits have been documented by a multitude of medical studies related to the overall health benefits and treatment of chronic maladies and conditions. For more information about bringing the benefits of far infrared sauna therapy into your home, with your own personal infrared sauna, call 1-888-358-1270 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm MST.



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