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Rocky Mountain Saunas custom designs all of our sauna models and ensures each sauna is manufactured to our specifications. We offer the safest sauna available anywhere with Zero EMF rated far infrared carbon panel emitters. Our Nano-Carbon™ infrared heating panels are 97% efficient in producing the exact bandwidth of far infrared light/ heat that precisely matches the bio-frequency of the human body, which means maximum infrared energy absorption delivering more results in less time.

Rocky Mountain Saunas builds the best quality far infrared sauna available in the USA, Bar None, At Any Price!! We offer more standard features, largest square footage of infrared heater panel coverage, the thickest interior/ exterior walls, most comfortable backrest design, the easiest and strongest assembly system, best quality woods, best product packaging and a Full Service Lifetime Warranty that covers all components: parts, labor and shipping costs as long as you own your sauna.

Rocky Mountain Saunas is proud to be family owned and operated. Through our personal family service we strive to ensure that your sauna buying experience is as easy and comfortable as possible. From researching your purchase through delivery of your sauna, your satisfaction is our bottom line.

Your Rocky Mountain Sauna is designed and built to last you a lifetime. With its sturdy, superior cabin construction and high efficiency, durable infrared panel emitters, your sauna will continue to be ‘State of the Art’ for decades to come. We are proud to offer you and your family the highest quality and best value in an infrared sauna available anywhere.

How to Use a Sauna: 15 Starter Tips for Infrared Sauna Use

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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding how to use a sauna is, “How long does it take for my sauna to warm up?”
Answer: Not very long. The Colorado warms up at a rate of 2-3 degrees F per minute. Durango or Rio Grande, a bit faster, at 3-4 degrees/minute. It is important to remember that effective far infrared sauna therapy is not dependent on cabin air temperature.

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